Dota 2 Art Directors Sign With a Highly Anticipated Metaverse Game

The hype around the metaverse has been growing over the last quarter of 2021. We saw Facebook committing its vision to it, Adidas stepping in quite heavily, huge US retailers already releasing videos of what would be like to shop in the metaverse, etc.

One of the most exciting aspects of the metaverse is NFT gaming and we see a lot of developers and artists move from traditional gaming to the blockchain space. The latest being DNA Dota, the team behind the art for the famous game, become part of the rising in popularity, Path of Survival.

Path of Survival is a very ambitious project that aims to attract true gamers to the blockchain space but also caters to investors. It’s the first MMORPG that has outlined a clear path to building a community and transitioning to DAO.

Having prominent artists of such caliber move to the blockchain gaming space speaks a lot not only about where we are at in the ecosystem but more importantly speaks about the quality of games that projects like Path of Survival aim to deliver.

We are now past the initial state of poor design, click to win games. Blockchain gaming now enters the stage of no compromise – no compromise with quality, security, and transparency. And it appears, Path of Survival is leading way, setting the industry standards for games to come.

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