Doodle Rooms Is Building the Best Real Estate Ecosystem in Decentraland That Comes With a Beautiful Animal Sanctuary

The Doodle Room Ecosystem will include an airdrop of the actual 3D version of the room that a person can hold.

In the amazing world of NFTs, there is a lot of focus on PFP projects or profile photo projects. These projects are basically pieces of artwork that somebody might use as a profile photo on social media, like Twitter or Discord. The first PFP NFT was CryptoPunks, which launched in 2017. Since then, projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, Azuki, and Doodles have taken the PFP world by storm.

While PFP projects may be the most popular in the NFT industry, there is an increasingly popular category of NFTs that is on the rise. The desire for virtual property or virtual real estate has gained increasing traction among NFT investors, especially with the rise of the Metaverse into public consciousness. With companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) laying down investments in this area, it is no doubt that virtual property will become an increasingly common part of our lives. That’s where Doodle Rooms comes in.

Enter the Doodle Room –

Launched in January 2022, Doodle Rooms is a series of 9,999 carefully curated spaces in the form of rooms. Holding a Doodle Room gives access to the Doodle Room ecosystem that will include an airdrop of the actual 3D version of the Room that one holds. Founded by a fully-doxxed team with extensive experience in architecture, design, and project management, this is definitely a project to keep an eye out for.

Enter the Doodle Tower –

In February 2022, Doodle Rooms purchased a plot in Decentraland for 65 ETH. This Decentraland estate will be home to the Doodle Tower, a large piece of architecture that will have multiple floors, each of which will contain multiple Rooms. This gives each holder an inexpensive and indirect exposure to property in the coveted Decentraland.

Introducing DOODLE PETS –

Every house needs a companion, in order to make it feel like a home. Likewise, Doodle Room owners might want to add a little life to their properties. This makes a perfect niche for the next entry into the Doodle Rooms ecosystem: Doodle Pets.

Doodle Pets is a series of 4,444 interactive pets created for the Doodle Room ecosystem. These pets are now open to mint for as low as 0.03 ETH each. These pets can remain in the Doodle Room or the person could even explore the Doodle Estate with them.

One unique feature that Doodle Pets has is that the person can attach an interactable link to their favorite Animal charity foundation on their  Pet. This means that their pet can be an ambassador for that charity. Imagine having a  pet turtle being a representative for a turtle conservatory while exploring the Doodle Estate.


Let The Pets Play in the Doodle Animal Sanctuary and Earn $ROOM –

The Doodle Rooms ecosystem also has an interesting mechanic where a person can let their Doodle Pets remain in what’s called the “animal sanctuary”. By leaving their Pets here, they allow the public to enjoy interacting with them. Now, their separation from their Pet will not go unrewarded. While their Doodle Pet remains in the Animal Sanctuary, they can earn $ROOM tokens as well as a profit share from the Animal Sanctuary Entry Fees. Imagine this like giving the pet up for adoption to the local zoo.

From March 11th, one can get a Doodle Pet starting from the affordable price of 0.03 ETH. To know more about getting the first piece of digital property as well as Doodle Pet, visit Doodle Rooms Twitter account and join the Discord server.

Written by: Treezy Breezy –

A proud member of the NFT Community, equipped with a passion for writing, Treezy Breezy is an experienced writer who has written articles for a variety of clients in the NFT/cryptocurrency space. Co-Author of the Beginner’s Guide to Hic Et Nunc, he also has a passion for collecting NFTs and guiding newer members in the space. Connect with Treezy on Twitter @FanboyEthereum.


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