Don’t Touch My Podcast Is Giving a Voice to the Intriguing Yet Unheard Stories of Black and Latina Women

Jennifer Julien Gaskin and Giselle Rivera-Flores are the hosts of the podcast that intends to tell the stories of an ignored but significant percentage of the American population

Podcast platforms are an irreplaceable tool for engaging and connecting individuals of different genders, races, and beliefs. The myriad of podcast platforms have the potential of reaching a wide and diverse range of audiences at a low cost than when compared to face-to-face conversations. Podcasts can also be a tool to building a community, a tool that two women vested in the interests of Latina and Black women are committed to.

Don’t Touch My Podcast is Jennifer Julien Gaskin and Giselle Rivera Flores’s budding platform that will be used to discuss current and underlying issues relevant to Latina and Black women. The podcast relies on its capability of increasing engagement and reach to marginalized populations, going as far as establishing connections based on similar and relatable experiences.

Don’t Touch My Podcast is set to launch in May 2022.  Jennifer expresses her excitement at the opportunity to bring news and issues that are important to them and their representative communities to the forefront. Through open communication and education, she believes that the Afro Caribbean community, working mothers and urban artistic communities, and the world at large will be able to share their experiences openly and honestly in a safe space.

Don’t Touch My Podcast will utilize its platform play an integral role in correctly articulating the ups, downs, and unique perspectives of peculiar topics such as racial discrimination and gender marginalization, alongside two interesting hosts who are community leaders and entrepreneurs that bring their unique points of view to the trending issues.

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About Don’t Touch My Podcast

Being inclusive can be a priority for some people but a challenge appears at a misunderstanding of what inclusivity truly means. Each Saturday, the hosts Jennifer Gaskin and Giselle Rivera-Flores delve into the complexities of diversity, inclusivity and what it means to be a Latin and Black woman in America. Each episode contains powerful information to help expand the mind, increase the cultural knowledge of their audience and gain insight to an unseen world.   

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