Don Moragne, Founder of the Wealth Zone University, Teaches the CEO S.O.A.R

For Don, he knew from an early age that to own a business you must learn to lead. Not just lead but become one with your business. Years are spent turning your dream into a reality and soon all your endeavors coalesce into a life-sustaining entity.

A CEO is more than just a CEO. They are the creator, leader, visionary, and the proverbial “rainmaker” in the organization. Employees, vendor, and supplier relationships are built on the visionary backbone of the organization. The audiences who wish for success are the clients and customers. The CEO can motivate and facilitate all of these moving pieces into a thriving company.

Don Moragne invented the CEO S.O.A.R to teach the areas it takes for successful CEOs to carefully navigate the twists and turns of an organization. Skills such as management, and gaining buy-in from advisors, stakeholders, and employees. Not all leadership qualities are innate. It takes a commitment to learn and develop leadership skills with dedication and time.

The CEO SOAR is a planning analysis model based on Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results and emulates the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Model. We use a SWOT system daily in our businesses and it only makes sense to have a SOAR system in place to continually develop ourselves as leaders but not just any leaders; leaders who are ready to move their organizations to the next level by utilizing the organization’s strengths, opportunities, and visions.

This program is geared toward small business owners who desire to build a legacy not just for themselves but for their employees. Owners will take a deep dive into the program and design a strategy that leverages the organizational strengths and opportunities, evaluates competition, and drills into granular details to capitalize fully on the company’s greatest potential.

About Don Moragne:

Don is often an acting CFO with expertise and extensive experience in managing financial and wealth strategies for various companies. He turned that knowledge into his own educational and consultancy program called The Wealth Zone University (

The Wealth Zone University is an advisory firm that offers chief financial officer services and extensive programs geared towards teaching business owners how to craft winning financial strategies.

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