Domestic violence lawyer Adam M. Lustberg, and his team at Lustberg Law Offices, LLC, have released a comprehensive article on ‘Domestic Violence Defense in New Jersey’. This insightful piece details the intricacies of domestic violence law, the defense process, and the importance of legal representation for those facing criminal charges.

As a recognized domestic violence lawyer in New Jersey, Lustberg emphasizes the seriousness with which the state’s criminal law views allegations of domestic violence. The article highlights that false accusations of domestic abuse occur more often than commonly believed, citing a report from The Center For Prosecutor Integrity which states that 8% of Americans have been falsely accused of domestic or other forms of abuse.

“Every individual has the legal right to self-defense against these claims and charges,” says domestic violence lawyer Adam M. Lustberg, underscoring the potential consequences of such allegations, which can include criminal penalties, jail time, and significant personal and professional reputation damage.

His article explains that domestic violence isn’t a singular offense but encompasses a broad range of acts, from physical abuse to sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse. The domestic violence lawyer further elucidates the specific offenses falling under the umbrella of domestic violence as defined by New Jersey’s 1991 Prevention of Domestic Violence Act.

In the article, Lustberg also guides readers through the process that a domestic violence case undergoes in New Jersey. He provides an in-depth explanation on how law enforcement officers determine the aggressor in an incident, and what factors may lead to an arrest, even in the absence of visible injuries or the use of a weapon.

The piece also details the role of restraining orders and protection orders in these cases. A restraining order or order of protection can be issued by the court to protect victims from an alleged domestic abuser. However, these orders can sometimes be misused, further complicating the situation, especially in cases of child endangerment, spousal abuse, and family violence.

Lustberg and his team of defense attorneys at the law firm outline how they can help when facing charges of violent crimes such as domestic battery or assault. “Our skilled team of New Jersey attorneys understands the laws and can work diligently to support you and your side of the story,” Lustberg says, outlining how his lawyers investigate each case to seek evidence and work closely with the prosecution and the court.

To fully grasp the complexities of domestic violence cases and appreciate the importance of experienced legal representation, Lustberg invites readers to consult the article. It is an invaluable resource for anyone facing a domestic violence charge.

The final part of the article emphasizes the importance of early legal counsel in such cases. “The sooner you get the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, the easier it will be to get the best results possible,” Lustberg advises.

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Lustberg Law Offices, LLC, led by Adam M. Lustberg, is a prominent law firm widely experienced in criminal defense in New Jersey. With a dedicated team of lawyers, the firm is committed to protecting the rights of individuals facing criminal charges, providing skilled and aggressive legal counsel to help clients move forward. The firm’s in-depth understanding of the law and its diligent approach to each case has made it a trusted ally for individuals navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system.


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