Fully integrated esports ecosystem, Doctor Battles, set to relaunch the platform in response to demand for the global community

Doctor Battles has gone through a series of evolution since the launch of the platform in September 2020. In a related development, Doctor Battles is currently in the middle of a fundraising round and recently announced plans to relaunch the platform to include more functionality to meet the growing and diverse needs of the global esports community.

The global esports market has practically exploded in recent times, as more players and other categories of stakeholders emerge to deliver innovative solutions to the constantly growing space. A report by Statista put the value of the global eSports market at just over $1.08 billion in 2021, representing an almost 50% increase from 2020. The report also projected the global market revenue to hit $1.62 billion in 2024, amidst increasing viewership and sponsorships. Despite the amazing figures from the market, there are not enough platforms to address the varying concerns of all stakeholders. However, Doctor Battles aims to change this narrative through an all-inclusive ecosystem.

Doctor Battles was initially introduced with the Alpha phase designed as an early version of the platform, running from July 2019 to September 2020. The platform became an almost immediate success, accruing millions of hits during the alpha phase with important user data and feedback harvested for upgrades. In response to the feedback from users and to redesign the blueprint based on data, build a stronger management team, and recruit a world-class dev team, the beta launch was canceled. However, esports fans across the globe can be set for another experience as Doctor Battles is set to be relaunched between Q3 and Q4 2022.

Doctor Battles is a fully integrated ecosystem designed by gamers for gamers, providing a single, integrated and agnostic platform for organizing teams and leagues, joining and watching tournaments, rating, ranking and statistical tracking, and related community and social media. The platform offers the most technologically advanced, full-service and integrated platform on the market, with cutting edge recruitment capabilities, industry-leading league, team and tournament system, unparalleled statistical tracking, and a fully integrated social media experience.

The amazing features of Doctor Battles make it a fantastic investment opportunity with great potentials for mind-blowing ROIs.

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