DJ St3v3 Launches a New Merch With the “Africa Is Not a Country” Single

Africa-based producer and fast-rising artist, DJ St3v3, announces the launch of his merch as he celebrates his homeland in the new single titled “Africa Is Not A Country”

DJ St3v3 is not resting on his oars of challenging the status quo in the entertainment industry as he recently dropped a new single titled “Africa Is Not A Country” amidst rave reviews from listeners. In a related development, the talented music producer and artist is releasing a merch with the song as he continues to celebrate Africa by paying homage to icons of the continent.

“‘Africa Is Not A Country’ is a track that motivated me to do to let the world know more about Africa, and that to give exposure since there is a lot of things to explore in Africa.” – St3v3.

Music is often described as a universal language and one-act, DJ St3v3, otherwise known as Estefanos Shimelash, seems to have mastered the art of communicating with millions of people using entertaining yet thought-provoking songs as exhibited in ‘Africa Is Not A Country. The Ethiopian has taken the experience a notch higher with the release of merch to help Africans and lovers of the continent express themselves through fashion and sound.

DJ St3v3 pays homage to the likes of Haile Selassie, Nelson Mandela, and other African greats as he makes a bold statement about the continent in the song. The artist was particular about establishing the fact that Africa is a continent and not a country as perceived by millions of people across the globe. St3v3 aims to achieve this goal with thunderous bass and blistering sound design in an arrangement designed for music festivals.

The lyrics of the song say all about the objectives of DJ St3v3, as he pours out his mind in the single. “If you are proud of our forefathers and our brave warriors / Let me see them hands high in the sky / Kunta Kinte, Haile Selassie, Nelson Mandela / And the list goes on and on.” The DJ and electronic music producer, who was born and raised in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, uses instruments such as the washint, a wooden flute originally used in Ethiopia by Amharic musicians, to create banging beats.

Africa Is Not A Country is currently available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify.

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