DJ Express’s Popularity Soars as He Continues to Deliver Amazing Music

DJ Express’s illustrious career as a musician continues to chart new heights of popularity

DJ Express, the name synonymous with pulsating party music full of energy and life, is scaling new heights of popularity. The independent artist is known for his incredible ability to turn the most boring songs into energetic party music.

“My team is currently crafting together a multitude of new beats for the summer of 2022,” says DJ Express about his latest music project. “We are looking at a breakthrough year and expanding our outreach nationwide. As always, I aim to provide great joy to music lovers by providing them the kind of music they love to groove to.”

DJ Express was born Justin Nunez and grew up in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Music has been his passion since early childhood.

DJ Express’s life took a definitive turn when he was 14. He attended a party where he had his first encounter with the turntables. The host’s father was DJing, and young Justin was blown away by the sound and energy of the whole thing.

He was instantly fascinated by this art of music and intuitively knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. That day marked his first step toward becoming a DJ. The next day, DJ Express purchased DJ equipment and slowly began developing his skills as a DJ.

At present, DJ Express is an independent artist. He focuses on creating new music that’s full of energy. He wants all who listen to his music to be on their feet dancing, having a great time.

Through the years, DJ Express has developed the ability to take even the most boring tracks and turn them into energetic party music. He draws inspiration from DJ Funk Flex from Hot 97.

DJ Express says he has gained priceless knowledge through studying his music. His future plan is to collaborate with DJ Mike Gip because he believes they can make groundbreaking music together.

DJ Express is a household name in New Jersey, and he’s looking to spread that popularity worldwide in 2022.

He is at home even when entertaining large crowds. He has hosted events with thousands of attendees on numerous occasions.

He has a strong presence on Soundcloud. His work has generated over one million views on this platform.

DJ Express has a fantastic body of work on Spotify too. Music lovers can follow his Instagram for updates and announcements regarding his next project release.

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