Dison Family Dentistry Offers Chipped Tooth Repair in the Miami Area

North Miami Beach, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 03/22/2022 — A chipped tooth can be very uncomfortable and even painful when it happens.

If it is not treated right away, discomfort can quickly turn into pain and potentially get worse, depending on where the tooth is chipped and if nerves are exposed.

“In general, if there is an accident that results in a chipped tooth, even if it’s just a slightly chipped tooth, it is recommended that you get emergency dental treatment to address the issue if there is any pain,” says a representative of Dison Family Dentistry. “If the chip causes a split in the tooth, it can get worse over time, especially if you continue to chew as usual or accidentally hit it again.”

The cost of getting a slightly chipped tooth repaired so it does not get worse is small compared to the long-term cost of ignoring the problem until it gets worse.

If the tooth is severely chipped, there are a number of different dental treatment options available to address the issue, each of which will vary in cost as well.

“It really depends on the individual situation,” a Dison Family Dentistry representative says. “If the tooth is severely chipped and there is pain involved, immediate emergency care may be needed. There is generally an additional cost for any service when it is provided after hours or on the weekend.

“Additionally, there are a number of different dental options for addressing a chipped tooth, so it depends on what the dentist recommends and what the patient prefers. Some procedures cost more, but they give a better aesthetic effect. We talk to patients about their goals to ensure the procedure we choose best works to accomplish what they want.”

Patients who are in need of chipped tooth repair, other dental treatment, or preventative care have a solid option in Dison Family Dentistry. More information is available on their website.

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