Digital Dolphins, the First City Centric NFT Coming to Miami.

“The digital assets space is shining and well-equipped to give immense returns, if and only if you the creators of a collection follow specific rules to offer true value”, says the Digital Dolphins team.

The digital finance world has experienced a drastic change in the past few years. For a significant period, cryptocurrencies were unknown to the public, however, today almost every other person wants to get a grip on these opportunities. The same goes for NFTs, which have been neglected for a long time followed by enormous amounts of trading in the NFT space and even more astonishing is the amount of money being exchanged; this caused the NFT space to capture worldwide attention. 

The area still has a lot to offer, and much more needs to be understood and learned before we master it to its roots. No matter how lucrative the initiative might look from a distance, one needs to know the true value being offered and the inner workings to gain find success in these projects, or there are possibilities to fall victim to the countless scams and money grabs being created.  

Numerous industry professionals spread their mastery through various online channels and social media, which helps desiring investors. One name that has witnessed the attention of many is that of Digital Dolphins, better known as Digital Dolphins NFT or @DigitalDolphins, on various social media platforms.

The creation of Digital Dolphins marks a monumental moment in the NFT space as it is the first-ever city-centric NFT project with its first iteration being centered around the incredibly lavish Miami lifestyle. From the immaculate climate to some of the best dining and entertainment in the world, it is clear that Miami is a top-five city in the world and offers experiences, unlike any other city. 

Dolphins offers an exclusive community through the revolutionary technology of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Digital Dolphins is a collection of 10,000 unique digital art pieces created by artist Fab Designs. The collection was meticulously crafted so that each property and detail was perfected demonstrating the project’s attention to detail which should remain a common theme with everything they do in the future.  The value of this collection is seen not only in the digital world, and as an investment, but also in the real world through exclusive opportunities, events, giveaways, etc. which will be offered to owners; the possibilities for the utilities of this project are endless with each more exciting and exclusive than the next.  

Digital Dolphins will offer access to the luxurious living that is associated with Miami within and beyond the borders of the incredible and unique city. This combination of digital value coupled with the tangible benefits ultimately creates an elite, Miami-centric, community. Digital Dolphins takes pride in and attributes its success to the company’s most important component, which is establishing and maintaining valuable relationships with the elites of Miami, which will offer the most exclusive and sought-after utilities of any NFT project on the market

The city of Miami is bursting with untapped potential. The NFT space has yet to see a project like this and Digital Dolphins plans to capitalize on their connections in entertainment, dining, events, and more to offer their holders opportunities never seen before in an NFT collection or anywhere else for that matter. 

The Digital Dolphins team also knows that Miami would not be the unique destination that it is without the spectacular waterways and wildlife. For that reason, Digital Dolphins has decided to show their appreciation and allocate $200,000 of their mint revenue towards a donation to a charity for the ocean and marine life conservation and the support and advocation for protecting the beautiful waterways in Miami. This funding would be put towards protecting ocean ecosystems and conserving the global abundance and diversity of marine wildlife through science-based advocacy, research, and public education.

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