As we all know, there will be some problems when the equipment is used for a long time, diesel enginewater pump in the industry is prone to idling phenomenon, this phenomenon will, to a certain extent, seriously damage the pump head will lead to the pump can not work normally. So, how to avoid diesel engine water pump idling it? The following Jiangsu Excalibur Power Machinery for everyone to introduce.

1. Insufficient flow

First of all, if you want to avoid diesel water pump idling, you have to give the pump enough flow. A variety of conditions may lead to insufficient pump flow, such as bottom valve or suction pipe leakage, low speed of the pump itself. In addition, I suggest you to check the inlet and outlet. If there is a certain amount of trash and waste at the inlet and outlet, it can also lead to insufficient flow of the pump. The specific situation, we should take appropriate measures. Insufficient flow is one of the main factors that cause the pump to be idle and I hope you will pay attention to it. In addition, I would like to emphasize that some pumps have been used for too long, so they have badly worn impellers, which will also affect the flow rate of the pump. In the process of checking the diesel engine pump, you can also check the impeller of the pump.

2. No water injection

When using the pump need should inject a certain amount of water into it to maintain the normal work of the pump. Of course, some people are careless and always ignore this problem. Once the water is not injected into the pump, it will make the pump idle. Idling can cause great damage, so we need to pay attention to this point.

3. Foreign objects stuck in the impeller

If there are foreign objects stuck on the impeller, the efficiency of the impeller will be reduced accordingly. At the same time, when the diesel engine pump is working, we can still hear some noise that we couldn’t hear before. In order to avoid idling in the pump, it is recommended to check whether there are foreign objects on the impeller before the pump works, and to clean the garbage at the impeller in time in daily life.The above three points are the reasons for the idling phenomenon of diesel engine pumps. Before using the pump to do a good job of pre-use inspection to avoid problems in operation and delay the progress of work.

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