Diamond Craft Undertakes Complete Upgrade of Its Diamond Painting Kits

The leading provider of high-quality diamond painting kits in the United States has upgraded its diamond painting kits, introduced new kinds of canvases, and also revamped its pricing to enable it to outshine the competition in all aspects

February 4th, 2022 – Diamond Craft has announced a complete upgrade of its entire product offering that will see it present new and improved materials to clients at incredibly affordable prices. The leading provider of high-quality diamond painting kits in the United States announced that it intended to outshine the competition in both quality and pricing.

Diamond painting is a type of arts & craft, where crafters pick up tiny shiny β€œdiamonds” with applicator pens and apply them to a large canvas according to corresponding symbols and shapes on the canvas – similar to paint by numbers. The result is a shining and shimmering piece of art that the crafter can frame, hang, or give as a gift.

β€œWe have made our already industry-leading product even better, now with AB drills in every diamond painting kit, upgraded cotton-soft canvases, super-sticky & crease-proof poured glue, ultra-clear symbols, and permanently slashed prices store-wide.”

The brand revealed that it started the upgrade by first swapping old canvases for new top-quality canvases that are soft to the touch and much more comfortable to work with. The second thing it did was to address the complaints of old customers regarding adhesive sheets and the creases it causes in the canvas. It did so by replacing the adhesive sheets with poured glue on the canvases, which results in a much stickier canvas that is crease-proof

Diamond Craft Kits is also pleased to announce that there are now AB Drills in every kit. AB (which stands for Aurora Borealis) Drills are highly sought-after, ultra-shiny diamonds that most diamond painting kit suppliers do not have, but the entire worldwide community loves. The brand believes this is a major addition that puts it far ahead of all other competitors in the diamond painting kits industry.

In addition to upgrading its painting supplies and introducing a new canvas with super crisp, ultra-clear lines and symbols, Diamond Craft has also revamped its pricing and lowered prices across its entire store. Anyone interested in checking out the new and improved diamond painting kits from Diamond Craft can simply visit the brand’s website to learn more.

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