Low-voltage auxiliary DF Storage Battery, also known as 12V small battery, plays a key role in new energy vehicles . It is the switch that turns on the power battery, and at the same time meets the power demand of the huge on-board electronic systems and safety functions . Nowadays , new energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular. How to better solve the problems of low-voltage auxiliary battery power loss due to low DC-DC conversion charging voltage, difficulty in charging recovery and short life after deep discharge of the battery ? DF, a world- renowned battery brand , is New energy vehicles have customized DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary batteries.

Traditional fuel vehicles rely on the engine to charge the battery, while the 12V low-voltage battery on a pure electric vehicle is charged through the on-board DC/DC converter to convert the high-voltage direct current from the power battery pack into low-voltage direct current. DF DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary batteries are developed for new energy vehicles. The charging acceptance performance is greatly improved, which can solve the problem of long low-temperature charging time and low charging efficiency, and ensure the cruising range of high-voltage lithium batteries. At the same time, it greatly improves the deep discharge recovery capability and cycle life of the auxiliary battery, supports power supply for a variety of electrical appliances and greater dark current consumption, and conforms to the development trend of intelligent and electrified new energy vehicles.


             DF Lead-acid Battery

Low-voltage auxiliary batteries in the future are mainly divided into two categories: lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are still the low-voltage auxiliary batteries for new energy vehicles due to their high safety performance, strong temperature stability, low cost, and complete recycling system. mainstream.

DF has been deeply involved in the battery industry for many years and insists on driving brand development through technological innovation. The new DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary battery launched this time is another ingenuity of the DF brand. The deep cycle capability of DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary batteries is more in line with the use conditions of new energy vehicles for 12-volt low-voltage power supplies, bringing longer service life and better discharge performance.

Currently, the DF DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary battery series covers a total of 5 models, covering mainstream new energy vehicle models on the market. In the future, the DF brand will further expand and enrich product models according to market demand to provide sufficient power for various new energy vehicles.

Move towards globalization and embrace new markets. Category diversification is one of the DF brand development strategies. The release of the DF DEV series of new energy low-voltage auxiliary batteries uses new products as a footnote to the brand’s development blueprint, opening a wonderful new chapter for it and further enhancing the role of DF batteries in new energy vehicles. The development of the field has injected new impetus.

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