Deuxpad – an IDO and NFT Gaming Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain, Snubs Crypto Venture Capitals for a Fair Launch of DEUX

Deuxpad, a decentralized Initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) and NFT Gaming launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), will have a fair launch of its native token, DEUX.

Deuxpad will not allocate any DEUX to crypto venture capital (VC) investors and has instituted an anti-whale protection mechanism to ensure an equitable distribution. This decision is in line with its equalitarian approach to crowdfunding. 

The Binance Smart Chain-based platform is community-oriented, also serving as an NFT launchpad. Its objective is to provide users with fair and transparent investment channels. They offer its investors the project’s seed, private, and public digital assets. 

The Deuxpad development team is fairly distributing DEUX to reflect their stand. DEUX is compliant with the BEP-20 standard on the secure and highly scalable Binance Smart Chain. There will be a total supply of 200 million DEUX with an initial market cap of $120,000.

DEUX distribution is as follows:

20 million has been allocated to the community. In the ongoing community sale, DEUX is being sold at $0.015. 30 percent of the allotted amount will be minted, with the remainder released equally on the second and third months.20 million has been allocated to strategic investors. 10 percent of the amount will be minted and the remainder vested for the next 18 months. Each token will be sold at $0.01. Six million will be airdropped and partially unlocked in the first quarter.

A significant portion, 70 million DEUX, has been set aside for staking and rewards. These will be distributed beginning from launch. 20 million DEUX has also been assigned for liquidity provision once it lists on PancakeSwap. The team will add 5 million DEUX in the first week and the balance, 15 million DEUX, added in the 10th month.

The remainder of 64 million DEUX is distributed to the team, advisors, and marketing, and will be vested.

No DEUX will be allocated to venture capitals and whales. 

The whitelisting ahead of the Community sale is ongoing, ending on February 11, 2022. Winners will be announced immediately after the whitelisting ends. From February 14, 2022, approved investors can buy DEUX. To prevent hoarding, Deuxpad limits investment between $15 and $500.

The community token sale ends on February 14, 2022. DEUX listing on PancakeSwap will be on February 16, 2022. DEUX will list at $0.015.

Deuxpad scans the IDO and NFT Gaming (Initial Game Offering) ecosystem from the perspective of the investor. If a project meets their stringent selection criteria, Deuxpad’s creators guide them and ensure they launch using the correct strategy.

Factors considered during the rigorous screening process include the project’s technical details and risk. Deuxpad also considers the project’s features, team, smart contracts, development processes and promises in detail before incubation. 

Meeting essential baselines is critical considering the platform’s leaning on security and its goal of offering a transparent investment experience for investors.

Unlike other platforms, Deuxpad differentiates itself by offering pre-IDO, IDO, and IGO of qualifying projects. The platform distributes the potential project’s tokens locked up in the medium and long-term for the investor to make a decent earning.

Overall, Deuxpad is guided by four crucial and defining principles enabling early-stage investment, incubation of successfully screened projects, smart contracts operation enabling autonomy, and equitable digital asset allocation for ordinary investors.

Ahead of the DEUX fair launch, Deuxpad has acquired Marsala, a software company for its smart contracts creation, differentiating itself from competing IDO and NFT Gaming launchpads. Marsala’s cloud-based solution allows businesses to present their ideas from mobile and web succinctly. Marsala is secured by Cloudflare, CloudFront, and Imperva and uses Kubernetes, Docker, and Grafana diffusing control to users.

About Deuxpad

DeuxPad is an equitable launchpad developed on the Binance Smart Chain network for deploying IDOs and NFT Gaming offerings. DeuxPad, a completely community-focused crowdfunding platform, provides everyone with the opportunity to invest fairly, on equal terms, in line with the same goals.

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