Despite the Rise of Technology, the US Healthcare System Still Faces Many Challenges. Will There Ever Be a Solution?

“The current healthcare industry direly needs SNAH,” said Lopez.

It’s versatile, too.

“Even a 7-year-old can use it. That’s how easy and efficient the product is,” Lopez continued.

SNAH software and apps are a massive development for American patients and healthcare providers. The platform is straightforward and intuitive but comprehensive enough to connect every piece of the healthcare puzzle.

There’s a reason people call SNAH the ultimate healthcare software solution. Not only does it provide tailored solutions for individuals, but it also allows for the free flow of information across the entire healthcare system.

SNAH will launch its proprietary healthcare software in the upcoming days, beginning a new chapter in the history of medical care management. The idea behind SNAH is to provide a solution that can systematically integrate technology into all sectors of the healthcare system including,

• Hospitals

• Clinics

• Individual providers

• Pharmacies

• Laboratories

• Medical transportation

• Caregivers

• Emergency services

• Insurance companies

The Healthcare software is the first of its kind in scope and application. SNAH will provide a single system that all medical professionals can use, regardless of the specialty or subspecialty.

Benefits of SNAH for Healthcare Administrators

Administrators who employ SNAH will have access to a wide range of administrative tools, which will help them manage the organization and ensure its success. The SNAH tools for administrators include:


Allows administrators to create customized schedules for each doctor. Allows doctors to book their appointments online, which helps them keep track of their schedule and reduce no-shows.

Process payments for insurance claims

Administrators can process all payment paperwork without coordinating with any other department. By processing billing in one convenient location, administrators can ensure the hospital is maximizing the amount of revenue it generates.

Manage appointments

Administrators can use SNAH to manage primary and specialty doctors’ schedules and track appointments. This central location helps ensure patients are seen quickly, reducing wait times and increasing patient satisfaction.

Track referrals and patient records

Administrators can coordinate all referral paperwork in one location. This functionality allows physicians to share a patient’s charts and records with other practitioners, saving time and improving communication.

Track patient

history Administrators can use SNAH to track patients’ visits, medical histories, referrals, and records. This complete record of a patient’s needs is vital in coordinating care and ensuring all providers know the patient’s treatment plan.

Secure patient privacy

Patients trust their providers will maintain privacy, which is why SNAH uses the most advanced encryption to protect all patient information.

SNAH for Healthcare Professionals

Doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. who use SNAH to manage their appointments and schedule will also benefit from a range of benefits, including:

Track referrals

Medical professionals can automatically track patients’ referrals, saving time and improving communication between providers.

Record visits

Medical professionals can record patient appointments in one location for easy reference. This ability to track a patient’s entire history is vital in coordinating care and providing the best possible treatment.

Track medication records

Medical professionals can give patients a record of the prescriptions they’ve been given. This simple step helps ensure patients have refills and can get the medications they need to maintain their health.

Facilitate Telehealth

SNAH allows medical professionals to stay in touch with patients no matter where they are. By using video conferencing capabilities, doctors can provide virtual appointments to patients who can’t make it in for a face-to-face meeting. Telehealth is changing the way healthcare is delivered, and with SNAH, doctors can take advantage of all its benefits.

SNAH for Pharmacies

SNAH is the only solution that allows pharmacies to manage appointments, coordinate patient records, and track referrals. SNAH provides pharmacies with a complete record of a patient’s pharmaceutical needs—all in one central location. It also helps coordinate prescriptions between primary care doctors, specialty doctors, health insurance companies, pharmacies, and patients.

SNAH for Caregivers

SNAH is an easy-to-use system that allows patients and family and family members to schedule CNA, HHA, and personal care support services. The simple app connects caregivers with patients that need their care such as hospice care in-home help, etc. This is a convenient alternative to arranging meetings via phone or email and provides for better tracking for patients and caregivers.

SNAH gives administrators and medical professionals a powerful system that makes it easier than ever to help patients receive the care they need. It’s built on a foundation of strong encryption and 24/7 support, so your information is always secure and you’re never left struggling to get help when you need it.

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