Despedia App Officially Announces Its Launch and Is Rumored to Be the #1 App for Bus Ticket Reservations

DALLAS, USA – 22 July, 2022 – Despedia the new App that allows Every One to book bus tickets from the United States to Central and South America.

Emerson Quezada current CEO of Despedia Inc. confirmed the launch of the new App on August 4th. Despedia App will be the #1 in bus ticket sales and reservations since we have commercial and strategic agreements with the best bus companies from the United States to South America.

We are very excited about this launch that thanks to the trust and contribution of our co-owner partners we have been able to make Despedia App a reality.

This August we will also be putting 15% of our shares up for public sale in order to benefit people who want to make a single investment and receive profits every three months for life with the additional benefit that distinguishes us that each tail property can be inherited as well as its benefits. Imagine if companies like Uber, Amazon, Apple in their beginnings gave you the opportunity to acquire a co-ownership with this particular benefit… Simply Great!

The rules of the game are very simple:

1. Register on the Partner Platform

2. acquire a Co-property from $1000 dollars (Single Payment)

3. start receiving profits in March 2024 and then every three months for life

4.  inherit the Co-ownership to a relative just as you inherit the benefit of receiving utilities every three months for life.

Said Emerson Quezada CEO of Despedia Inc. Our bus is ready for the trip but you and your family will take advantage of the opportunity to invest and be a co-owner of one of the largest companies in the world… if you have the opportunity, just take it.

Currently Despedia App is the only one that will offer this service internationally. We live in a world linked and connected by social networks, technology, free trade agreements, electronic commerce and why not passenger transport with the best buses in North, Central and South America.

Making a reservation on Despedia App is so easy that with just three clicks you can get your bus ticket safely at any time.

Despedia is the definitive Travel App!

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Company Name: DESPEDIA INC.
Contact Person: Emerson Quezada
Email: Send Email
Address:4575 S R. L. Thornton Fwy, Estados Unidos
City: Dallas
State: TX 75224
Country: United States

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