Underground pop art artist Desert_Lashes is excited to announce the launch of an exclusive NFT art collection. Previous work was exclusively available underground but their art will now be released to the public for a limited time only.


A graphic design artist by trade, Desert_Lashes has become a well-known name in the underground art world. Born in 1978, the artist, operating under a stage name, focused on contemporary pop art and became a street art creator. They are a 2006 graduate of the Camera Obscura Tel Aviv. Now, with the rise and boom of NFTs, Desert_Lashes was asked if they were interested in turning their works of art into NFTs. This quickly brought on the idea of this new project.

Due to the increased demand and popularity of NFTs as placeholder and symbolic digital items for art, music and other goods, Desert_Lashes is now going to be launching their own NFT-inspired art collection and sale, of which a certain percentage will be donated. While very different from street art, NFTs also provide a safe environment for original content.

The Upcoming Project

Desert_Lashes is launching a limited-time only NFT and print sale. They will be offering their art up for sale in the form of NFT, and with each purchase, the buyer will also receive a high-quality print of their NFT on museum-quality paper, hand-signed and numbered. Each NFT and print will be one of a kind and offer a sense of unique ownership. It’s combining real art with digital art in one experience.

Previous Work

Desert_Lashes has showcased their previous artwork on Instagram and on Desert_lashes art website, the artist features three main series: one black and white series called “In the Dark,” a series with various individuals doing everyday things with their faces painted in the style of jokers called “Jokers” and, finally, the “Art by desert_lashes” series featuring a selection of the artist’s previous works.


On Instagram even more work from their portfolio is featured on their official artist page. There different styles of art are shown, including some that feature more graphic design elements that pay homage to the artist’s original focus in work, as well as some examples of street art they’ve participated in. The artist has a variety of styles they can work in and use to showcase their diversified talent online.

More Information

To launch this upcoming NFT and print collection, Desert_Lashes is hosting an in-person event as well as selling their work online. The artist is a passionate climate change activist and is donating part of their profits to raise global warming awareness. This event will have limited seating, and the artwork itself will also be limited, as exclusivity is key when purchasing art.

To participate in this launch and purchase Desert_Lashes’ NFT artwork, simply contact the person above to register early in order to participate in this limited time, limited quantity exhibition and sale.

To view more of Desert_Lashes’ previous artwork, visit Instagram or on Desert_lashes art website and subscribe to desert_lashes art site for updates.

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