Dermsilk Ensures High Quality of Skincare Products Says They Won’t Let Brand Partners Without Formal Certification.

Skincare brand takes crucial measures to assure consumers of the highest quality products.

With the popularity of counterfeit products growing exponentially, it is no surprise that the number of fake products in the skincare industry has increased.

Consumers’ fear of counterfeit goods is that they don’t work and that they are not regulated and do not adhere to safety and sanitation standards. This means there’s no way to tell what’s in them, where their ingredients come from, or how they’re made. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, this poses “a safety risk for consumers, due to hazardous or banned alternative ingredients being incorporated into formulations.” 

Dermsilk, which sells the highest quality physician-grade skincare brands, including Obagi, Neocutis, EltaMD, iS Clinical and SkinMedica, claimed that these products are guaranteed to be original, as they come directly from the manufacturers. 

The skincare brand also elaborated on the possibilities and problems that occur when consumers buy brand names from unauthorized websites, as it could result in them receiving a watered-down or substitute product that was fraudulently made or labelled. 

However, dermsilk prided saying, “As one of the only authorized dealers for these top-rated, medical-grade skincare brands, you can trust that you are investing in 100% authenticity.”

DermSilk further mentioned how purchasing these true brand skincare products directly from the manufacturers isn’t the only action they take. The products must also meet their stringent quality requirements and have a track record of evidence-based results before being added to their curated skincare collection.

The first step taken is having necessary documentation from the manufacturing brands. They explained this, saying “We require all of our brand partners to be formally certified and provide proof of ownership before they can even be considered for representation on DermSilk.”

When asked why they are so keen in the combat against selling counterfeit products, the brand answered explaining how they realized that most skincare dealers often left their consumers to choose between original and fake products but consumers should not be expected to deal with that.

With the sole aim of giving their customers peace of mind, Dermsilk takes satisfaction in putting the stress of uncertainty when getting a genuine product into their hands, so consumers can be confident that they will be getting their things straight from the source.

“When you buy physician-grade skincare serums, creams, moisturizers, and cleansers directly from DermSilk, you are always guaranteed the real thing—the products proven to provide beautiful results.” the skincare dealers added, assuring consumers of the best quality.

DermSilk openly expressed its goal of being the go-to place for the real deal—premium medical-grade skincare solutions. As a result, the brand is willing to take every precaution to verify that this is the case and that consumers are satisfied.

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