What is bulk logistics? The logistics transportation of large cargo can also be called: large cargo transportation and large cargo transportation are general terms for the logistics of goods that exceed the general standard in volume and weight. In terms of volume, it includes three super large pieces of super height, super width and super length, as well as ordinary large volume goods logistics with irregular volume. In terms of weight, it mainly refers to the logistics of overweight goods.

Standard parts: the weight of a single piece shall not exceed 22Kg (real weight), the longest side shall not exceed 120CM, the second long side shall not exceed 75CM, and the girth shall not exceed 266CMExtra long and overweight surcharges will be charged in the following cases:a) The longest side is equal to or greater than 120cm and less than 240cm;b) The second long side is equal to or greater than 75cm;c) Length+2 * (width+height) is equal to or greater than 265cm and less than 330cm;d) The actual weight of a single box is equal to or greater than 22KG.


We take the example of the process of super large cargo export to the United States by sea. The customer placed an order: the customer provided the cargo volume and weight information and cargo customs declaration data, and then it was submitted to us for review. If there was no problem, the cargo could be loaded into containers and waiting for the ship to depart. When the ship arrived abroad, the American freight logistics company loaded the cargo according to the container cars. 

 After the American freight logistics company obtained the cargo information, it matched its appropriate containers and arranged various loading matters, Verification of customs declaration materials: verify the customs declaration materials provided by the customer, submit declaration to the customs before the vehicle departs, and the customs release: after the vehicle and customs declaration are arranged, the container car driver will carry the goods to the declaration port for customs clearance

Vehicle customs clearance: goods arrive at the US customs, customs clearance, customs clearance

Europe and the United States are super large, there are extra services for beating wooden boxes and forklifts, so that your goods can be delivered to your door safely without worrying about any customs problems!

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