DeFi Aggregator OpenOcean launches on Polygon zkEVM
OpenOcean, the leading Web3 DEX aggregator, is excited to announce its integration with Polygon’s zkEVM as the first dex aggregator.

OpenOcean, the leading Web3 DEX aggregator, is excited to announce its integration with Polygon’s zkEVM, an innovative Ethereum Layer 2 rollup solution. As the first dex aggregator on Polygon zkEVM, this partnership exemplifies OpenOcean’s commitment to providing an exceptional trading experience for its users by offering the best-priced trades on the zkEVM platform. By integrating deep liquidity into OpenOcean’s aggregation protocol on Polygon zkEVM, users can access a wide range of liquidity sources to receive competitive pricing by enjoying a user-friendly interface.

OpenOcean’s cutting-edge order-routing algorithm sets it apart as the ideal choice for users aiming to maximize their returns on the new Layer 2. This algorithm intelligently evaluates various factors, including prices across exchanges and transaction costs, to determine the most efficient swap route for users. Notably, OpenOcean’s algorithm can split orders across multiple exchanges within a single transaction, enhancing trading efficiency.

Polygon’s zkEVM, built on zero-knowledge proofs, is a revolutionary zero-knowledge technology that provides a secure layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. By utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, zkEVM enhances transaction throughput and reduces gas costs while ensuring privacy and security. Polygon’s zkEVM plays a crucial role in scaling Ethereum’s throughput by offering the security of the Ethereum mainnet at a lower gas cost. Users can seamlessly transfer their assets to zkEVM using supported bridges, unlocking diverse trading opportunities on the OpenOcean platform.

OpenOcean plans to further strengthen its support for the zkEVM ecosystem, introducing features such as Limit orders and cross-chain swap aggregation. These additions will help enhance the trading experience and expand the possibilities for users on OpenOcean. Features like these also are supported on other popular chains on OpenOcean. Try the future of trading today!

About OpenOcean

OpenOcean is the world’s leading DEX aggregator, cross-chain swap aggregator, and Web 3 developer in the crypto space. With a suite of trading tools spanning over 25+ networks and 300+ deep liquidity sources, OpenOcean is backed by prominent investors including Binance Labs, CMS, Kinetic, Altonomy, OKX Ventures, Multicoin, and more. The company aims to build a one-stop trading platform that offers users the best swap returns for decentralized crypto trading.

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