When it comes to getting the right pool pavers in Kendall and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Deco Concrete & Pavers can help.

Doral, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 04/15/2022 — Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of the outdoor space, pool pavers can significantly improve its functionality. A good pool paver will be able to endure the pressures of salt, chlorine, and other chemicals in the pool. It won’t get too hot to walk on or become too slippery under wet feet, and it’ll blend in nicely with the rest of the landscape.

Deco Concrete & Pavers helps choose color tones that interact with other yard elements, including materials and plants. A complementary color tone can supremely stand out when combined with timber decking and stone to make a smoother transition from one surface to the next.

A poolside environment may become a little unpleasant, given its exposure to salt, chlorine, and other chemicals. It’s also a heavy traffic area. Deco Concrete & Pavers make sure that the right pool pavers are used to resist wear and tear from foot traffic and furniture.

When selecting the proper pool pavers in Kendall and Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the outdoor space, the surface finish should be at the top of the priority list. A paver with a non-slip coating is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary spills. Bluestone with a sawn finish is far more ideal than a honed paver, which becomes extremely slippery when wet.

One must choose perfect outdoor pool pavers by factoring in how the surface will feel underfoot on a hot summer day. Left in the sun, every substance or surface will ultimately get hot, whereas specific stones will be hotter than others. A lighter and denser pool paver is advised if the pool is exposed to direct sunlight. The amount of glare one will be exposed to makes for an important consideration. Typically, the lighter color of the stone is, the brighter it is.

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