DBQuest Comes Up With a Unique DeFi Token With Astonishing Utilities Like Staking, NFTs, P2E Game, and Much More.

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DBquest is a BSC BEP20 token with an interactive staking platform where you get daily chances to find Airdrops or other rewards. The Platform will be focussing on strategic partnerships with influencers, other projects, companies and other entities. The roadmap includes cross chain 3 dimensional NFT’s that will be used in the P2E turn based card game.

DBquest has an ongoing game with a hefty prize money of 70 BNB to the first player who can collect all the 7 Crypto balls in their simple P2E game. To play the game, users can easily connect their wallet to the web game platform and start collecting DBquest balls with one click.

The game is as follows, player uses the radar to look for the gems which are hidden, at any time, a player can see his stats over the explorer profile tab which contains their tier, Crypto balls collected, and remaining tries. Then the player just has to click on research button. 50% chance to find nothing, 25% chance to find a crypto ball, and 25% to find a capsule which gets 1000 DBQ tokens. Holding more DBQ tokens in their wallets increases their chances of winning.

DBQ tokens has 8% buy tax, 12% sell tax and a total of 1 billion token supply. DBquest has officially partnered with SparkLab through their SparkPad service. Their contract has been audited and did KYC by dessertswap.finance, a well-known and reputed audit firm.


Telegram: https://t.me/DBQuestOfficial

Website: http://dbquest.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DBQuestOfficial

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