The DBeaver team, one of the top providers of database management software, has introduced a new product – CloudBeaver – a lightweight web application for database management. CloudBeaver supports many popular SQL and NoSQL databases like its big brother, including PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra, and more.

Released in 2011, DBeaver is a universal database tool, which has become popular among DB administrations and developers. Today, over 6 million people are using DBeaver worldwide, including such tech giants as Amazon, IBM, and Apple. 

The insight to develop a cloud database manager came to the team after many requests from DBeaver users. Serge Rider, DBeaver founder & CTO, noted: “We didn’t want to rewrite the DBeaver. Instead, we wanted to provide a solution for users who can’t work with a desktop application for any reason. We decided to make a simple and intuitive multi-user web interface that can even be used in a closed enterprise environment”.

CloudBeaver has two editions: Community and Enterprise. The community edition is a free, open-source application published on Github in 2020. The development team always emphasizes that open source is an integral part of DBeaver’s products. It is an opportunity to quickly distribute products to a large community and a chance to get technical reviews and support from experts worldwide.

The enterprise edition gives users advantages such as BigData databases support, data visualization tools, ER diagrams, enterprise-level authentication (IAM and OpenID), and AWS Integration. 

CloudBeaver has a convenient UI for review and data editing, the visualization of databases objects, and a powerful SQL editor. An application launched on Docker hub and supported Linux, Windows, and macOS host machines. 

In the future, the CloudBeaver team plans to add query management on a server level, execution plans visualization, and support for other cloud providers. However, the community can also contribute to product development. Therefore, if you have ideas about product improvement, you are welcome to create tickets on CloudBeaver Github.

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