First, on behalf of DATPHUSA REAL ESTATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY, I would like to send greetings, best wishes for health and success to our partners, investors and customers who have trusted and accompanied our COMPANY. me the whole time.

Dear valued customers, shareholders and all staff of DATPHUSA REAL ESTATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY:

2014 is not only a golden milestone marking the ability to overcome difficulties and adaptability, but also affirm the unexpected success of the brand name of DATPHUSA REAL ESTATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY in the real estate market of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh and the whole country.

In the line of products and services: Project Investment, Marketing Consulting, Management, Brokerage, Consulting – Design – Construction, Property and Real Estate Valuation, Real Estate Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company PHU SA has always shown high quality, prestige and professionalism.

In addition, always keeping commitments to customers, developing a variety of complete product and service packages and adding added values on each product has affirmed that DATPHUSA REAL ESTATE TRADING JOINT STOCK COMPANY is becoming a become the leading real estate brand in Ho Chi Minh City in giving customers satisfaction about a quality, convenient and modern life.



Address: 26OT12A.LandMark 81 – Vinhomes Central Park, Bình Thạnh

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Phone: 0901 222 525
Country: Vietnam

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