DataLoop Increases Offerings for Data Annotation for Clients’ Benefit

Herzliya, Israel — (ReleaseWire) — 05/09/2022 — No one understands the importance of correct and accurate data more than DataLoop, and in fact, DataLoop has been at the forefront of the data revolution for years. Data has to be clear and concise, and most of all, it has to make complete sense for it to be stored, searched through, and analysed correctly. Now, DataLoop levels up its game once again by increasing its offerings for data annotation. Its data annotation platform now has more tools, features, and capabilities in its roster for the clients’ advantage.

Data annotation has proven critical for many a business. The solutions presented by the service are such that it has become much easier for any business to weave machine and human intelligence to develop a cohesive, comprehensive set of data.

At DataLoop, businesses from almost every industry imaginable have found it easy to incorporate all their data into their database with platforms created by DataLoop. And amongst the most useful of these is data annotation. With DataLoop’s annotation platform, clients can now take advantage of more accurate and precise labelling using smart algorithms, models, and guidance tools combined with tools that allow for the proper validation and visibility in real-time of the entire annotation process.

DataLoop states, “With (us), ML teams can integrate their models into the annotation platform and have models pre-annotate the data before human labelling.” As such, the process is faster and quicker and less time-consuming, allowing entire labelling teams to save as much as 60 to 90 per cent of the time on each batch. And since DataLoop processes feedback and QA in real-time, mistakes and errors are spotted right away, which further helps the process and lessens delays significantly.

The annotation platform offered by DataLoop has produced datasets of the highest quality, and it makes use of a range of tools and features to help it. For instance, with annotation studio tools, labelling can be done as accurately as possible and as fast as possible, with automatic detection, segmentation, and the identification of key points. For video annotation, DataLoop is proud to say that its features include scene classification and object tracking and the identification of hidden objects. So there is a lot in store in terms of DataLoop’s annotation platform, and those who want to benefit can easily do so today.

About DataLoop
DataLoop has been serving many clients in different sectors with its expert platforms and services that include data management, automation, and annotation platforms. Its services also include workforce management, studio tools for annotation, video and automatic annotation, data QA and verification, and integrated can do for labelling, amongst others. Check out the site today for a good look at its data annotation services and what it does to your business.

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