ISO compliant market research and data management standards

Market Sampler is compliant with ISO 20252 market research, and ISO 8000-61 data quality management standards. This covers market, public opinion, and social research, including insights and data analytics — Vocabulary and service requirements.

ISO 8000-61 specifies the processes required for data quality management. The processes are used as a reference to enhance data quality and assess process capability or organizational maturity for data quality management.

Our system is regularly optimized to deliver high-quality data that is fit for its intended uses. Data is deemed of high quality if it correctly represents the real-world construct to which it refers.

Data quality, survey spam and fraud prevention

Various mechanisms ensure high-quality data, which include spam and bot detection algorithms, optional screening questions, open-end validation, and manual cross-checks.

  • New data and data collection patterns are monitored by AI
  • Bot filters prevent malicious software to interact with online surveys
  • Algorithms detect location-spoofing and VPN usage
  • Response data with suspicious survey interactions is flagged
  • Users can configure screening questions
  • Data and reports are manually cross-checked before delivered to clients
  • Survey campaigns are manually cross-checked before launching

Organic responses only

No incentivized surveys here. Market Sampler surveys are out in the public, targeted to people based on your criteria. Our system does not incentivize respondents, which means people only complete surveys if they are genuinely interested in participating.

Spam and bot responses are prevented with over 99% accuracy. We use Google reCAPTCHA, an advanced risk analysis engine with adaptive challenges to keep malicious software from engaging in abusive activities.

Analysis-ready raw data

Raw data comes by default with every research project, enabling further statistical analysis. Any reports or interactive dashboards in connection with your research are also based on raw data.

Should you have specific requirements regarding your data model or format, please let us know before ordering a custom research.

You own your data

What you paid for is yours. We strictly do not reuse, sell or share your research data with other companies. Similarly, we do not use previously collected data for your research.