Darren “Delo” Beard Inks a Lucrative Distribution Deal for the Launch of New Orleans-Based Record Label “OGR” Original Gangster Records

Positively changing the narrative of the music industry

Darren ‘Delo’ Beard, from OG to CEO, Is thrilled to announce his newly signed lucrative distribution deal with XLP/Downtown Music Services for the launch of his record label and management company, “OGR” Original Gangster Records. He inked this distribution deal with plans to release the new B-Fresh album, “Caution 2” Life Is For The Living This Summer. The deal will be instrumental in promoting the album and creating a platform for young artists on the street to learn about the music industry and make the most out of their talents through the record label.

As a modern global music company, Downtown Music Holdings is primarily concerned with helping music creators manage their music as a business, allowing them to generate more income as they invest in their art. The company has, so far, managed over 20 million music talents/assets from hundreds of countries across 6 continents. Downtown seeks to give amateurs and professionals a platform to be refined and strategically placed at the center of the world. Working with Downtown will not just boost Darren Beard’s major music projects but help him distribute and monetize his music in the best way possible.

A native of New Orleans, Darren Beard has been passionate about music, education, and music talent management for a very long time. He worked with the inner-city talent to source and develop music talents, giving them a growth opportunity to excel in their career. In the early 2000s, his life experienced a significant transformation as he took up a major decision to create his own record label. His decision was borne out of the need to help young potential artists who were out on the street, committing violent crimes and selling drugs, discover their incredible potentials, and make great use of them in the music industry. 

Since Darren discovered music, he has not stopped mapping out ways to develop his art. To better understand the music industry, he worked with Juvenile’s label UTP as security traveling from one country to another, garnering more experiences. In 2005, he bagged his first distribution deal for OGR with XLP/Microsoft. This was an incredible feat and a stepping stone for Darren as it helped him upscale his music brand. After bagging the deal, he released a hit single in 2018, “New Orleans Saint Anthem,” to inspire men on the street and influence them positively. Produced by Donald XL Robertson, New Orleans Saint Anthem won Darren an appearance on Channel 4 WWL news. 

“After years of trial and error and finding the right fit, Darren signed recording artist  B-fresh to the label and hasn’t looked back since. Plans to start promoting the OGR label and touring with B-fresh were slowed to a halt during Covid, so Darren and B-Fresh tapped back in with music producer Donald XL Robertson to create new music. Being from the calliope housing projects, violent crime was a part of everyday life, and Darren was committed to making a change in the community. Following the path laid out by music mogul Master P, who is also from the same project, Darren was inspired by the success of No Limit and the local music scene to sign up-and-coming artists. He has continued to create more opportunities for young artists to find footing in the music industry and upskill. This new distribution deal with Downtown Music Holdings will be a turning point for OGR,” said the company’s spokesperson.

For more information, visit https://www.instagram.com/darrendelo.beard/

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