Darley Aluminium Is Offering Top-Notch Security Mesh Systems for Windows and Doors in Australia

The ScreenGuard Stainless Steel Security Mesh System for windows and doors is owned and distributed by Darley Aluminium

Security windows and doors have become more than just a luxury. They are an essential part of a building, helping to provide beauty and security. There are several factors to weigh up when choosing the right windows and doors for a project. Windows and doors are major architectural components in the design of a building and need to be carefully selected. With Darley Aluminium, homeowners in Australia do not have to worry as the company is committed to providing the best security systems for windows and doors.

For over two decades, Darley Aluminium has become one of the largest distributors of aluminium extrusion products and associated components used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company has pioneered the production of high-quality security mesh systems for windows and doors in Australia. Darley is an Australian, family-owned and operated business with four locations across Australia in Erskine Park – NSW, Yatala – QLD, Keysborough – VIC and Hope Valley – WA.

With a highly regarded reputation in the aluminium extrusion industry, Darley Aluminium, through its ScreenGuard™ brand, has been servicing the needs of window and door fabricators. Darley Aluminium owns and distributes the ScreenGuard Stainless Steel Security Mesh System for windows and doors. For more than 15 years, Darley has supplied this superior stainless security system to Australia’s security fabricators. The brand boasts an extensive product range of over 1,000 aluminium extrusions, designed and engineered in Australia, meeting and exceeding current Australian Standards.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has specifications that must be met by fabricators of doors and windows in Australia, known as the National Construction Code (NCC). Darley Aluminium is one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted suppliers, with products that have been tested to withstand Australian conditions, including wind loads, air infiltration, water penetration and ultimate strength.

“A very important factor to consider when choosing a window is the wind load, as it’s a deciding factor for the type of window that will be used as it needs to structurally withstand the loads on the site,” explained Ray Kwan, National Sales Manager. “Serviceability Limit State (SLS) and Ultimate Limit State (ULS) are the two different types of ratings that measure the wind loads for windows and doors.”

Under the NCC, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) is a uniform set of technical provisions for designing and constructing buildings and other structures throughout Australia. To ensure performance and durability, Darley Aluminium make sure that their products meet all of the following BCA provisions, which includes:

● Products are structurally adequate to meet site requirements for SLS and ULS

● Products have a water penetration resistance that meets the site requirements

● Flashing is required to window and door systems to prevent water penetration around the system

● Manifestation is required for glass doors and panels that could be mistaken for a door or unimpeded path of travel

● Bushfire requirements

● Balustrades and barriers, which includes restricted or protected openings

● Energy efficiency requirements

● Sealing requirements to stop air leakage which significantly reduces energy efficiency.

By choosing a tested and certified Darley Aluminium system, homeowners are confident that the selected product will meet the stringent requirements of the Building Code of Australia. “All of Darley’s window and door systems including our KlassicView residential and CityView commercial systems have been tested according to all these stringent testing requirements of the Building code of Australia,” concluded Ray.

For more information, please visit www.screenguard.com.au or call the number +61 2 8887 2888.

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