Have you ever considered what you would do if the Earth were to become post-apocalyptic? Dark Age Defense is a survival book that will teach you how to endure practically any circumstance, including wars, famines, power outages, and more. The broadcast can teach you about a ground-breaking technology that will aid you and your loved ones, according to the official website. When you look around it’s evident that conflicts and natural calamities might happen at any time. It is critical to know how to survive and care for your loved ones. Grab Yours Before Stock Ends For A Very Special Price

What is the Dark Age Defence?

In basic terms, it is a manual that teaches you how to create and maintain electricity during a power outage. This tutorial discusses something known as the “Infinity Coil,” which is based in part on Nikola Tesla’s research. What’s even more astounding is that this technology could not be available to the general public for another decade. However, you may use technology to assist yourself and your family in critical situations.

You’re incorrect if you think you’ve got everything sorted out with generators and solar panels. According to the official website, backup power generators will not last long since they demand large amounts of fuel and will only survive for a limited time. Solar panels, on the other hand, are prone to failure during natural disasters. However, with the help of this technique, you can make your infinite coil, which is said to live indefinitely and can be used to power everything in your home. Is It Really The Best Survival Guide? This May Change Your Mind

What will it teach?

Its main purpose is to show you how to make your infinite coil to power your home and all of your electrical appliances. This infinity coil can produce power indefinitely as follows;

The first thing you should know following a blackout, according to the instructions, is that you should take action within the first 30 seconds of losing electricity.
It will also instruct you on how to construct a force field around your house. All of this is to ensure the safety of your family.
Furthermore, the technology you will employ is completely legal and durable. It’s also the most cost-effective way to power your home and appliances.
Because this technology is so advanced, it can also be used to jumpstart dead automobiles.
It will show you how to make the ideal infinite coil for your home as well as how to operate it efficiently.
The infinity coil collects electricity from Sir and then utilises it to power your home. This technique has been documented since the 1920s.
One of the most basic is the “pencil trick.” It will serve as a lighthouse for you at your darkest moments.

Additional Benefits of purchasing the handbook

If you purchase the handbook, you will receive additional perks in addition to the resources listed above.

These Dark Age Defense upgrades will provide you with everything you require to survive any natural disaster, emergency, or crisis. The four incentives are as follows:

Water on Demand

Water is without a doubt the most vital survival need. Water on Demand is a step-by-step manual for creating, purifying, and storing safe drinking water. You’ll learn how to avoid the three most frequent mistakes people make when buying water, how to tell if your water is safe, and how to create simple at-home filters to eliminate contaminants.

The three most common blunders people make when looking for water during a power outage are as follows:

During a shutdown, the 16-second underwater test will give you information on the water quality in your system.
Increase the mineral content of your water to improve the flavour and health benefits of your drink.
Follow this article to learn how to make a DIY Water Force Filter out of a toilet paper roll. Following this treatment, you may rest assured that no toxins will remain in your water.
Produce Oasis

This tutorial on Dark Age Defense will teach you how to cultivate the food you’ll need to live. Among the subjects discussed are the “sock fertiliser method,” how to cultivate the most highly nutritious superfoods, and foods that will nourish you in any atmosphere. You may boost food development in a short length of time with the Sock Fertilizer approach. You only need dirt, ice, and an old sock to begin nurturing your crops.

The following details may be found in Produce Oasis:

You’ll discover how to grow the “3 Vampire Super Nutrients,” which are seven times more potent than regular vitamins, in this video. Then, to build a slim, energised physique, ingest them.
The number one junk food that tastes like candy, but has tremendous advantages for bone development, cardiovascular health, and the immune system of the body, according to the American Dietetic Association.
Paul’s three Climate Foods have a bland taste, yet they grow like weeds wherever and keep their freshness even when not kept in the fridge.
Grid Escape

Off-Grid Escape is the third add-on for Dark Age Defense, and it leverages real-world examples to show you seven safe havens that are immune to Blackout Day. These feature cutting-edge grids, are liberty-friendly and will help your family to thrive rather than merely survive.

All bonuses are included with the purchase of the Dark Age Defense System. Given the need for water, shelter, and food, these Dark Age Defense features alone make Dark Age Defense worth the $67 price tag.


This handbook is available for purchase on their official website. It is now available at a reduced price of $67.

However, the price might rise in the following days. Furthermore, the designer provides a 60-day money-back promise to their consumers. If you don’t find this guide useful, you can always contact their customer service and obtain a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Final Verdict

This is one of the most well-tested survival guidelines for dealing with the worst calamities. Given current developments, it seems prudent to brush up on important survival strategies and methods. You will be able to protect your family and yourself in this manner. Get Dark Age Defense For The Most Discounted Price

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