Dan Santhira’s Latest Book Brings Realistic Techniques to Overcome Stammering Forever

Author Dan Santhira’s 9 Golden rules for out from Stammering Forever: Stammering it not Disease, It A Habit, explains realistic techniques for developing healthy habits overcome stammering forever, disrupting poor ones.

Author Dan Santhira’s book “9 Golden rules for out from Stammering Forever: Stammering it not Disease, It A Habit” provides actual techniques that can help anyone master small patterns and develop healthy habits to overcome stammering forever. The author Dan Santhira himself used to stammer but overcame his problem using the same techniques to become an exceptionally successful speaker. 

Stammering or stuttering is a very big problem for many individuals. Stammering leads to confidence loss in individuals. They lack the courage and confidence to speak before others. 

The ability to network with other people often determines progress in life. However, people often shy away from communicating with people who stammer or stutter which significantly reduces their chances to succeed as lose on new opportunities.

An incident is mentioned in the book about Mason & Gabe who used to stammer. They decided to live apart and overcome their challenges. They chalked up a plan to communicate with each other only through texts without actually speaking to each other so that they can improve their speech with a focused approach and choose a mentor to train them. Soon they started getting better at speaking and finally one day they stopped stammering. 

In this book, the author who has overcome this problem discusses how stammering is not a problem or a disease. It is a habit and can be solved like the other communication disorders that people often suffer from.

Dan Santhira in this book shares healthy habits for overcoming stammering or stuttering. The author states that it is not the person’s fault who is trying to change this habit. The framework for changing the habit should be so that the individual can easily overcome it. He emphasizes developing the power of your subconscious mind for overcoming this situation. The book also highlights the differences between stutter vs. stammer.

The author states that mental and physical strategies must be utilized together to overcome this problem. It will also help one to deal with this problem positively.

“It is very important that the person devotes time to the process. Change takes time. One must create an atmosphere to facilitate success. If the person loses track of his goal, he must start again. Only then can they emerge victoriously,” said Dan.

With this book, people will be able to get rid of this problem of stuttering, gain self-confidence and become new individuals.

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About the book:

Author Dan Santhira’s book “9 Golden rules for out from Stammering Forever: Stammering it not Disease, It A Habit” shows that stammering is not a disease or a problem perceived by many people. It is a habit that can be changed.

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