D.L. Mueller Explores the Collision of Religion, Politics, and Technology in Image

Talented author, D.L. Mueller, releases Image, an expository piece that looks at a situation where religion, government, and technology collide in an attempt to generate an image of Jesus goes horrible

D.L. Mueller has taken an unusual approach to the concept of religion with the release of his book titled Image. The book chronicles the series of events that follow an attempt to generate the photo of Jesus Christ through DNA, amidst the resultant controversies and confrontations.

The image of Jesus remains a controversial subject that has continued to generate a lot of discussion from varying schools of thought. While people have tried to create what has been perceived as a lookalike to represent the body of Christ. However, D.L. Mueller seeks to take the experience to another level from the eyes of a team of security experts and investigators and how an attempt to assassinate the president led to several events, including the discovery of blood particles suspected to be belonging to Jesus Christ in the fiction titled Image.

Image is particularly unique for the unprecedented blend of different aspects of life to create a piece that practically any reader, irrespective of the age group or gender can easily relate with. The major characters of the story are Major Bahr, Marcus Reed, and Kate Stavey, the Director of Operations for the CIA’s Langley counter-terrorism division, who work together to unravel the attempted assassination of the United States President. Image also narrates how John McMaster, a priest with the Diocese, played a part in the attempt to analyze the blood particles discovered during the investigation through DNA testing and ascertain its connection with Jesus Christ. The book also looks at how the process of generating an image of Jesus using the DNA hit a brick wall due to an unexpected event that distorted the interaction between a Personal Operating Logic Interface and the LI (Logic Interface).

Image is available on Amazon and other platforms, including Barnes and Noble in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback versions.

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