Cyberlux Corp Has a $550 Billion Gov’t Backed Revenue-Generating Opportunity in Its Crosshairs, and That’s Not All (OTC: CYBL)

This phrase about Cyberlux Corp. (OTC: CYBL) has been said before, but it’s worth repeating- the disconnect between CYBL assets, revenue-generating momentum, and share price is simply getting too big to ignore. 

And that’s not just conjecture. Cyberlux has provided compelling data to justify that while it may trade as a micro-cap, they are already doing business in the big leagues. In fact, with four separate divisions contributing to a combined income stream that is expected to post upwards of $44.8 million in 2022 revenues, current share prices don’t scratch the surface of the opportunities that CYBL has in its crosshairs. Still, that’s not necessarily bad news to investors getting introduced to CYBL now. For them, potential exponential share price increases could be in the queue. And for those already long the stock, comfort lay in knowing that CYBL is better positioned than ever to reclaim all-time highs sooner than later.

From the start, what needs to be known is that CYBL is firing on all cylinders. Moreover, they have laid the groundwork to establish its place as an advanced technology platform company and a trusted provider of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), advanced lighting solutions, infrastructure technology, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings to a client base that includes U.S. military and government agencies, select OEM commercial markets and international customers spanning North and South America and Europe. Granted, that’s a mouthful of diversified interests. But what it says is that this company has created an asset portfolio fueled to maximize multiple revenue-generating opportunities from numerous client sources. Not only that, they are multi-billion dollar target markets.

Those already following CYBL know that 2021 was a transformational year. Those new to CYBL are about to learn why.

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2021 Acquisitions Accelerate Growth

Foremost, Cyberlux introduced a new growth strategy intended to drive rapid expansion through aggressive business development, acquisitions, and joint ventures. A big accelerator to that mission was closing two landmark acquisitions in Q3 2021.

The first acquisition, CTMC Drone Solutions LLC, is a vital piece of the revenue-generating puzzle and created the foundation for Cyberlux’s drone business unit, FlightEye Drone Solutions. Its second, FBD Group SHPK, is the value driver of another business unit, Cyberlux Infrastructure Technology Solutions (Cyberlux ITS), focused on executing and implementing core Cyberlux infrastructure technology across global renewable energy and infrastructure projects. Later, you’ll read why that can be a $550 billion interest. And it’s not all.

Cyberlux is also creating value through its Advanced Lighting Solutions business unit. Already, CYBL has produced leading-edge, battle-tested portable LED lighting systems for the U.S. Air Force, National Guard, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), the U.S. Army, and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for over 15 years. The more excellent news is that CYBL is leveraging its history to get even stronger by significantly expanding its addressable markets through acquisition and a refined growth strategy. What’s the expected result of that work? Well, a lot. CYBL expects to substantially improve its revenue-generating opportunities with new and existing customers, leading to expected revenues of over $100 million by 2025.

It’s an ambitious target. But keep in mind the assets needed to make that happen are already in place.

Capitalizing On Its Inherent Strengths

Not only are the assets in place, but CYBL has done an excellent job strengthening its foothold in Department of Defense (DoD) and governmental markets by focusing on the three top priorities of its Operation Alpha growth plan:

– Drive growth through aggressive business development, acquisitions, and joint ventures

– Address core target markets with DoD-focused products, specialty technology capabilities, renewables, and emerging infrastructure projects

– Gain immediate velocity by focusing on new business and product pipelines and driving strategic IP development

That focus can be a company game-changer. In fact, the company’s market opportunities have been significantly enhanced by expanding its addressable markets in recent months through adherence to that strategic plan. Not only that, leveraging its proven track record with DoD and governmental clientele, and bolstered by recent acquisitions and corporate initiatives, the Operation Alpha plan will likely accelerate its market penetration into sizable global markets in the next few years. Don’t underestimate the value delivered along the way, either.

Already, Cyberlux is rapidly expanding its product offerings, intent on driving profitable top-line growth in sizable target markets. And keep in mind CYBL is no newbie to the game. Since 2006, the company has established itself as a DoD supplier by delivering leading-edge, battle-tested lighting systems. Flagship offerings include:

– FlightEye UAS Solutions, a division providing robust solutions including advanced guidance systems and sensor payloads, as well as critical curation of massive volumes of ultra-high resolution UAV flight data. The opportunities in this market are substantial, with data from MarketsandMarkets indicating the global UAV market at $27.4 billion in 2021. While already a massive market opportunity, an expected CAGR of 16.4% places the market size at more than $58 billion by 2026. Expect growth to materialize, especially as a surge in defense spending is budgeted worldwide. And that doesn’t even account for the revenue-generating potential inherent to a massive increase in commercial drone applications. Hence, this division is set to get even bigger.

– BrightEye Portable Illumination System, a patented platform featuring an advanced, lightweight, portable, battery-powered LED lighting array specially designed to meet the unique needs of tactical deployments, remote operations and maintenance, and emergency and disaster recovery programs. BrightEye is powered with mil-spec lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and features AC and solar-powered options. Its 4M and 10M towers are capable of directed white illumination of a target area of up to 1,000 feet, along with covert IR illumination of up to 1,000 feet. The portable system features wireless control capabilities and offers up to 10 hours of battery-powered operation.

– The WatchDog, a portable covert and visible illumination system featuring precision optics, extensive run time, rapid deployment capability, and wireless controllability. The WatchDog is ideal for aircraft perimeter security lighting, offering up to 350 yards of human threat detection capacity in NVG-mode and 15 hours of continuous battery-powered system operation when deployed in the field. Moreover, with a total system weight of approximately 80 pounds and a tested safe operating environment from -4°F to 140°F, the WatchDog provides a practical security solution to meet the versatility needs of clients, regardless of locale.

– NightEye Shelter Lighting System, an innovative system designed to provide ideal light dispersion and illumination for semi-permanent military shelters, command centers, and emergency shelters. NSLS features white lighting and ‘black-out’ red options and can be powered with a portable battery solution when generator power is unavailable. Notably, the system uses half the power of fluorescent while providing three times the brightness. Not only that, a single system can provide light coverage to 1,200 sq ft and boasts an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours of usage. Further, NSLS includes variable mount height technology for added adaptability, allowing users to change the mounting height without sacrificing foot candles in the target light zone.

Now, keep in mind these divisions aren’t idle. They actively target massive market opportunities with addressable markets well into the billions. In addition, expect the $1 Trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signed into law last year to expedite CYBL’s ability to tap into $550 billion in new money earmarked for transportation, broadband, and utilities.

Still, all the above is just a part of the CYBL investment proposition. There’s more to bolster the thesis.

More Divisions, More Revenues

Cyberlux’s Digital Platform Solutions (DPS), its Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service business unit, is also in the right markets at the right time. This division offers services capabilities to clients such as UAS guidance systems, telecom, and data analytics software. By the way, CYBL leverages its PaaS and SaaS model to complement its other operating divisions. Its acquisition of Kreatx SHPK, a developer of innovative software solutions, is expected to fuel the growth of this business interest. Most recently, the Company acquired Digital Automation Solution, LLC (DAS), an innovative software solutions provider and a source of groundbreaking intellectual property. Digital Automation Solution, LLC (DAS) has expert knowledge and customer experience in building PaaS, SaaS, and Mobile applications across a variety of industries. With this acquisition, Cyberlux transformed its the former Infrastructure Software Solutions business unit into the new Digital Platform Solutions (DPS) business unit with an expanded mission to drive both end-to-end PaaS and SaaS offerings, required by global government, military and commercial customers. The new DPS business unit will provide a holistic approach to delivering digital capabilities across the target customer’s enterprise, helping to automate processes, enhancing digital experiences, accelerating new product/service time-to-market and evolving their business models.

Another value driver is CYBL’s Advanced Lighting Solutions, which leverages more than a decade of experience providing lightweight, portable, battery-powered LED lighting systems designed to meet the unique needs of special operators, forward-base operations, and equipment maintenance teams.

Data from MarketsandMarkets put the global market for military lighting alone at $484.5 million in 2018, and with an expected 4.89% CAGR, expects the market potential to reach a $615.2 million opportunity by 2023. Analysts already note their expectation for CYBL to expand its business footprint by capitalizing on opportunities in North America, which they expect will be a leading contributor to the growth of the global military lighting market.

In addition, analysts suggest that the LED segment should see an acceleration in demand as the various benefits of LED technology promote higher adoption rates. They also say that in addition to military market opportunities, Cyberlux is uniquely positioned to capitalize on its ongoing strategic IP development in addressing the broader $1.8 billion global market for advanced lighting solutions.

Another contributor to CYBL’s revenue mix is its Infrastructure Technology Solutions division, which strengthened its infrastructure hardware capabilities business after it acquired FBD Group SHPK. This division focuses on renewable energy products and projects, telecommunications technology, and infrastructure project implementation opportunities. CYBL noted in an investor update that its DPS business unit will be implementing the new Digital Software Platform strategy across any global industry, focusing on delivering disruptive software technologies to both government and commercial customers.

Again, the addressable market is enormous. Data from ReportLinker valued the digital transformation market at $521.5 billion in 2021 and expects it to explode into a $1.2 trillion market by 2026. To expedite maximizing opportunities, CYBL indicated it is exploring the addition of key leaders for its digital software platform business and the potential for additional acquisitions to effectively address the surging demand from the sector.

A Compelling Investment Opportunity

Indeed, the sum of its parts does more than justify investment consideration; it demands it. And, better still, CYBL is showing itself ready for big-time growth despite its micro-cap size. Not only that, they are doing it smartly, staying committed to growing revenue in a lean cost structure while maintaining the ability to scale spending as needed to maximize shareholder value. This flexibility, combined with its proven track record as a supplier of advanced lighting solutions and its continued investment in strategic IP acquisition and development, is the critical ingredient to keeping CYBL ideally positioned to maximize its 2022 opportunities.

Remember, too, Cyberlux is already a business partner with both U.S. agencies and commercial OEMs and has assembled a management team committed to transforming the company into a global organization driven by process, opportunity, and execution. Results of its efforts should show this quarter, and the rest of 2022 is expected to be equally impressive.

And it will follow a transformational 2021 that was so strong that management raised its revenue guidance for FY2021 and FY2022. On November 24, 2021, CYBL increased its guidance for FY2021 from $5.2 million to $6.6 million, marking an increase of 26.9%. Even better, CYBL expects to post positive net income from operations for the 12-month period. 

And once that number becomes historical, there’s more good news to look forward to. On December 22, 2021, CYBL raised FY2022 revenue guidance by 47% to $44.8 million. Thus, knowing that management gets a more real-time snapshot of what’s happening behind the business scenes, following their bullish lead, and taking advantage of apparent undervalued share prices may be a wise consideration.

And perhaps the most compelling part of the CYBL investment proposition is that they have provided a roadmap for how they will achieve their lofty but very attainable targets. To simplify that direction and intent, the best way to evaluate Cyberlux is to give them credit for being in the right markets at the right time. But better than just targeting business from booming sectors, they each bring massive near and long-term revenue-generating opportunities. In fact, billions are up for grabs.

Thus, with Cyberlux having the assets, capital, products, services, and expertise to capitalize on its multiple shots on goals, certainly don’t underestimate their potential to meet its intentions. In fact, 2022 is likely to be their breakout year, making investment consideration in Cyberlux more than attractive; it’s timely.


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