Cyberbacker vs Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are especially in demand in this generation of booming businesses and rising entrepreneurs.  In this era of technological advancements and innovative solutions, many seek assistance and expertise through virtual support.

These people can pretty much do anything from supporting you with your general admin tasks to even your personal errands. Although there are given constraints, technology progressively provides solutions to work around them – They might not be able to physically bring you coffee in the morning, but they can order it for you online through a delivery service. A simple yet very convenient way of providing assistance.

We already know a lot about Virtual Assistants. It is time you get introduced to Cyberbackers and what they are capable of.

Just like any other VA, we provide the same kind of services. However, here’s the catch…

Cyberbackers focus on one thing. We focus on YOU.

While these VAs do their tasks on a day-to-day basis, it is never an assurance that they’re only working for you. There is always a possibility that they could be committed to other organizations or companies as well because many of them work as contractors with and, if unfortunate, no security in contracts. It is never a guarantee with them, considering that they might be working with more than 10 clients at once. They may also be running their own online or home-based businesses as Virtual Assistants or the likes.

In Cyberbacker, we are believers of QUALITY over QUANTITY. We ensure prioritizing the sole client that is partnered with us. Our Cyberbackers are good at multitasking but we also want to avoid compromising the value of service we provide our clients.

An Ideal Partnership

Though it is not a question that Virtual Assistants are skilled, it is the question of to what extent they use those abilities to provide you excellent results. We are aware of how there might be a clash of ideas or possible disagreements on opinions especially when you’re working with someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with your thoughts or just pretending to be in accord with you as professionally as possible.

We can honestly say that we make it a point to create a partnership that is a match made in heaven, well nothing is as perfect as the heavens, but we definitely try to do it on our company’s standard, which we can say is definitely high. Our Cyberbackers are specially trained as high-level professionals specializing in tasks your business specifically requires. And this is not just about how they can do the job, this is also how they act as your partners. Cyberbackers are personally and professionally qualified individuals. We want to ensure a great partnership because there is nothing achievable with being in a team with the same mindset.

Top Priority: Security

In the middle of this very advanced era, we are more mindful of the security of information and the safety of our personal data, may it be in a form of a document or online. 

We can never be too careful as to who or where we share any kind of information, especially one that is risky and about the business. With Virtual Assistants, sure, they have a set of techniques and filing procedures for these kinds of data, but it is not as assuring as what we have in Cyberbacker. 

In Cyberbacker, we know a risk when we see one. And the security of your business will NEVER be AN EXEMPTION. Our company has a legal entity in the Philippines. We see to it that everything is documented from start to finish to avoid miscommunications between all parties involved. We want nothing but to provide you with a safe and convenient partnership with us.

Keep calm and partner with Cyberbacker!

Cyberbacker is a credible company that wants to promote a steady and equally balanced relationship between us and the client.  We are here to always ensure you that we give prime attention to quality service to your businesses.

Think about it…

You get a VA, unsure if you’re given a 100% to what they do for you, whereas when you partner with a Cyberbacker, we center on YOU and your business’s goal towards success.

We want to put the idea of a professional employee-employer relationship at ease. Be with a company that feels like family. Be with Cyberbacker TODAY!

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