Cyberbacker CEO: Craig Goodliffe

Craig Goodliffe helps growth-minded, emerging business owners, one Cyberbacker at a time.

Craig, the founder and CEO of Cyberbacker, works with international people specifically located in the Philippines. These hard-working people taking care of each family member in their household makes him wonder about who’s going to take care of them when the time comes. Cyberbacker’s mission as an organization is to help our cyberbackers with retirement and being able to support while giving back to their community. Craig has started hiring internationally since 2012, and seeing the great talent of some Filipinos who worked in the BPO industry before, he started hiring and built a great team to go through a hundred applications to find that one great person who meets our caliber and our criteria.

It all started with Craig’s colleague asking him about his secret. Even though they do the same job in real estate, Craig still has a lot of time to do other things and even rest every night and weekend. He revealed that having a great assistant is a life-changing experience, and another entrepreneur turned to Craig for help.This turned out to be Cyberbacker’s starting point, and from that point onward, we have experienced an explosive growth, from 120 cyberbackers by the end of 2018, to almost 1,900 cyberbackers by October 2021. These talented, highly-trained professionals from across the globe can help you with various things, from social media management to building a world-class website, any taxing or mundane administrative tasks that needs to be done can be easily finished. If you find the perfect fit that matches your needs after visiting our website, we are going to find you someone fantastic and train them depending on your given job description or do a quick dive to gather more information about your business and know exactly what you want. Our goal is to be able to partner with you to create more opportunities for you, your business, and your cyberbacker.

Using virtual assistance for leverage around your business.

With 11 people doing over 200 units and no in-office admins at all, Craig was interviewed by Gary Keller, the Executive Chairman of KWRI, along with Jay Papasan, VP of Strategic Content, KWRI about how he started this amazing business by hiring the first person virtually from the Philippines. Comparing the in-office employee and the virtually-hired ones, Craig discovered that by hiring virtually, he was able to find hard-working people with great talent. “She was good talent, not great talent,” as stated by Craig. He also said that the virtually-hired employees were outworking and outproducing her, so she decided to leave the company.

To be successful in having a virtual assistant is like thinking about needing a babysitter. What they primarily do is manage your interference, taking away your distractions, and managing your digital world, such as responding to texts, mails, and calls. If you tell someone that you’ll do something, your cyberbacker does it, and that gives you a lot of freedom to focus on other things. If you go to, you are going to meet one of our growth backers who will ask you about your business because some people have a rock solid checklist listing plan, whereas some have nothing built. After that, we’re going to find you some great talent and train them constantly. There’s also weekly masterminding where other people who are doing the same tasks so they can learn more from each other and be more efficient. These people then go ahead and bring up their cyberbacker’s suggestions, and our growth backers meet to find out where you’re at, where you want to go, what you already have, and then build it from there.

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