Customer Insights | Acting on PlanSpace’s Max Hulten’s Bizview Suggestions

Today, we are celebrating two product enhancements suggested by Max Hulten of Planspace that were delivered in the latest version of Bizview. We appreciate Max taking the time to share his ideas with us. Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with him to learn more about his ideas and why he sees value in providing feedback to insightsoftware.

Max Hulten, Planspace Co-Founder and Partner has been working with Bizview since 2015, implementing the product for countless customers. Max loves that if you know data, the sky is the limit for your analysis with Bizview.

“It’s a spreadsheet-like system, with databases in the background. So, if you know how to handle data, you can do pretty much anything. It’s like an open toolbox for those who know how to handle the product. With the new data engine, we get strong tracing and tracking of all data loaded into every report.”

Listen closely to your customers

Max works closely with his customers to optimize their Bizview solution and takes notice of any mentions of aspects of the product that could be improved. Any suggestion he hears more than once, he’ll take to his colleagues for validation, then submit to insightsoftware through its Ideas Portal for consideration. Using this method, he has directly influenced two recent enhancements to Bizview, each implemented within a few months of his submission.

“Some of my customers might feel that their suggestion is too trivial and wouldn’t enter a request. Often, it’s not a major enhancement, just a nice-to-have. But at the end of the day, a lot of nice-to-haves add up to make a great product. I know this and insightsoftware knows this, so I always feel heard when I submit an enhancement suggestion.”

Submitting an enhancement request is easy

Many customers may think that suggesting enhancements is a long process, but, once you have your suggestion drafted, it takes about 10 minutes to submit. All submissions are read by insightsoftware product management and support. Contributors, like Max, receive alerts when the status of their submission changes, and can log into the portal at any time to interact with the product team regarding their suggestion. Contributors can also see requests from other members of the community and vote up the ones they like the best. Customers have the ability to submit their own enhancement requests through the customer portal.

“insightsoftware is a lot more responsive than other players. If you go with a really big player, I don’t think the process of getting enhancement requests considered would be as easy. My last request was implemented within a couple of months. Once added I could install it for my customers, and they were super satisfied.”

Max’s tips for a successful request

Consult with your implementation partner or IT team – “Customers should discuss suggestions with their technology partner, to help them better explain the process when submitting a request”.
Use simple, non-technical language – “I usually refrain from reading walls of text, so just stick to the necessary points you need to get across. Try to keep the language simple and free from technical jargon”.
Include pictures in your submission – “In the technology space, often pictures are the most efficient way to communicate a change. Screenshots quickly highlight the proposed solution and make it clear what needs to be done.

“It’s fantastic when a customer of ours can see that they’re being taken seriously, and that insightsoftware is listening to them. They see the enhancement they need in the product, and then they know that they are listened to. When we see our enhancements make it into the product, it makes the customers and us as partners feel like what we have to say is valuable.”

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of our products. We are proud to work closely with amazing clients like Max, to ensure that our product suite provides the highest possible value to users. Big thanks to Max for his time participating in our Customer Insights series. Watch out for future enhancement request success stories coming your way soon.

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