csBailey and Apostle Lyanne Koffi Are Set to Launch Sinners Clinic, a New Global Spiritual Movement.

Sought-after American branding expert and Transformational Speaker, csBailey, and Apostle (Mrs.) Lyanne Koffi, pastor and well-known counselor from Africa, have joined forces to launch a new worldwide movement (Sinners Clinic) that will encourage, inspire, and motivate people to find hope and move forward during these unprecedented times. 

With so many decades of spiritual decline, the damage to families, educational institutions, business norms, and governmental structures gets worse, making restoration even more difficult. There is an urgent need to act right now to stop the downward spiral and trust God for a radical and sweeping reversal.

The significant changes in the world in recent times have impacted many people’s daily routines in one way or another. Only God knows what the future holds in these unprecedented and uncertain times. Sinners Clinic, a global transformational ministry, was formed to spread the Good News of Faith, Hope, and Love and save as many Souls as possible. 

“We live in an increasingly secular society. Though many people superficially identify with Christianity, they rarely pray, read the Bible, or otherwise act on their faith. Living out your faith isn’t easy, but it’s far from impossible,” said csBailey, a cofounder of Sinners Clinic. “With a global movement like Sinners Clinic, you will cultivate a strong spiritual connection to guide you through the challenges of the modern world,” she added.

According to Apostle (Mrs) Lyanne Koffi, cofounder of Sinners Clinic, “Today can be the first day of the best days of your life. Today can be the beginning of a great future full of satisfaction. Sinners Clinic is a global movement to help you seek God’s will for your life during these times of uncertainty.”

Sinners Clinic will take place every Saturday at 11a EST, with the first show commencing on 9th April 2022. It will take place LIVE/Virtual on FB live, Roku, FireTV, YouTube, IG, etc.) – with the intent of eventually going on a Global Tour.

People interested in Sinners Clinic and seeking a movement that has got it all: motivating, inspiring, and of course, live-changing can learn more on www.sinnersclinic.com, and also follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

About the Founders

csBailey is the founder, and former CEO of The She is Still Dope Network. She is also the President and Chief Creative Officer of The Hustle Agency. She is very experienced in engaging and advising clients at all management levels, from business owners, non-profit organizations, and C-suite leaders across multiple industries and diverse cultures. 

With her energy, excitement, and passion for marketing and branding, csBailey makes it easy for audiences to share her passion. csBailey’s presentation style is insightful, fast-paced, inspiring, and grounded in expert knowledge and experience. 

Apostle (Mrs) Lyanne Koffi is a Pastor, a renowned conference speaker, and a distinguished Counselor passionate about inspiring and encouraging others to see themselves as Christ sees them. She is the general overseer and founder of The Lord’s Garden Ministries. The ministry has seven church branches in Ghana. 

Apostle Lyanne Koffi is a full-time minister of the Gospel with a global influence in counseling and deliverance ministry. She is the visionary leader behind “Sisters Keepers,” a ministry outreach that nurtures love, sisterhood, and unity among women.

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