Cross-Chain Bridge Killer? See How Coinbetter Lays Out the Cross-Chain Bridge

Looking back at the trendy spots in the entire market this year, the cross-chain bridge is always a topic that cannot be avoided.

In 2021, the outbreak of Defi, NFT, GameFi, Metaverse and other trends will drive the explosive development of Solana, Avalanche, Fantom and other public smart chains, and the wealth-making effect of the new ecology will continue to strengthen. Therefore, in order to better pursue new wealth opportunities and market trends, users’ demand for assets across the chain is also increasing simultaneously.

The coexistence of multiple chains is the current market pattern, and with the increase in the number of public chains and the improvement of their respective ecosystems, users’ demand for assets across chains is also growing rapidly. It is foreseeable that cross-chain bridges are bound to become a rigid need.

The need for cross-chain bridges

As we all know, a cross-chain bridge is a chain-to-chain bridge tool that allows tokens and assets to be transferred from one chain to another. Two chains can have different protocols, rules and governance models, and bridges provide a way to communicate and be compatible with each other to securely interoperate on both sides.

The coexistence of multiple chains is the current market pattern, and with the increase in the number of public chains and Layer 2 projects and the gradual improvement of their respective ecosystems, the demand for cross-chain user assets on the chain will also increase rapidly, and cross-chain bridges will inevitably become a rigid need.

With the continuous improvement of user demand, the cross-chain bridge business has also developed rapidly. Thanks to this, the cross-chain bridge track has also achieved rapid explosion following the development of the market.

However, although the development of the cross-chain bridge track is booming, in fact, under the prosperity of multiple chains, the ecology of each chain is still relatively independent. The outlet is one of the hot trends in the market, and it is the biggest convenience demand of users at present.

Looking at the current exchanges, some exchanges have achieved circulation with some public chains through cross-chain bridges, such as ETH, BSC, HECO, Solana, etc.; however, there are so many public chains, with the increasing frequency of on-chain transactions, the multi-party public chain has an increasingly strong demand for underlying applications, and the circulation between some public chains cannot meet the higher needs of users.

Some analysts said that if open finance with seamless inter-chain interoperability can be realized, then users can maximize the use of their assets and participate in financial activities on different chains, while reducing cross-chain costs as much as possible and improving capital utilization rate.

There is no doubt that it is necessary and urgent to open up a multi-chain ecosystem.

Coinbetter is a one-stop solution for cross-chain needs

In order to better meet the needs of users, the new first-tier exchange Coinbetter is actively deploying this multi-chain link ecosystem, and is committed to allowing users to achieve seamless operations between chains in the shortest time, saving time and effort.

Coinbetter revealed that it is currently actively opening up channels between exchanges and various chains, using advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture, high-performance consensus mechanism and high-performance side chain expansion technology to support cross-border transactions between multiple crypto currencies. Chain transactions allow users’ assets to circulate rapidly around the world; at the same time, a multi-center operation system will be established to improve the performance, security, stability and scalability of the system, maximize the operating experience of end users, and create a safe, convenient digital currency trading platform that truly realizes a cross-chain bridge.

For centralized exchanges, security always comes first, so even Coinbetter will actively ensure security while realizing a multi-chain ecosystem.

According to reports, another core advantage of Coinbetter will be the use of cheaper cross-chain transaction fees compared to other similar projects.

Continue to empower the cross-chain bridge, the future is now.

With the support of the convenient cross-chain bridge function, Coinbetter will have comprehensive ecological coverage capabilities, which can well meet the needs of users to transfer assets between different ecosystems. The first choice, and as the number of users grows, the depth of Coinbetter’s liquidity will also accumulate simultaneously.

The future belongs to multi-chain. Only by developing according to this goal, can the role of the cross-chain bridge be recognized by a wider market and used more frequently, and the development of the industry can safely enter the era of indiscriminate cross-chain interaction.


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