Crazy Clown Insane Asylum NFT Project’s presale is happening on Jan 9th and will be open to the public on Jan 10th, 2022.

Crazy Clown Insane Asylum is on the ETH blockchain and populated by Crazy Clowns. Each Crazy Clown NFT is a unique compilation of pixel art derived from 10 traits with over 271 variations. But the asylum has only so many beds available so a capacity limit of 9696 Y

Clowns love balloons, they are the most iconic of circus symbols. $BALLOON tokens enhance the experience at the asylum ecosystem for the owners. Upon execution of the $BALLOON tokens, each Crazy Clown owner will be able to stake and earn 96 $BALLOON daily.

The more Crazy Clowns the holder has to stake the more $BALLOON tokens they will be rewarded. Owners of the Crazy Clowns can evolve into an Evil Ringmaster. Evil Ringmasters can be staked and receive 240 $BALLOON tokens per day. It takes 969 $BALLOON to mint an Evil Ringmaster but the risk is you must burn your Crazy Clown. The reward is there will be a maximum limit of 3500 Evil Ringmasters.

$BALLOON serves as the asylum ecosystem’s enabling holders to use their tokens to play mini-games for rewards. Many games are being developed where the owners can reap token rewards.

Every clown is unique, but some of them are legendary. The few who are lucky and mint a Legendary will win a reward of $6500 in ETH. Rellik the Psycho Clown minter will be rewarded with $10,000 ETH.

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