The Cowrium is not just a multidimensional decentralized blockchain project that rose into the cryptocurrency space from nowhere neither is it just a 21st-century concept/Ideology but a project inspired by an age-long value exchange system concept that has offered the fairest solutions to exchange of goods and services through the Cowry shell in 1200BC.

The History of currency cannot be appropriated without the mention of cowrie shell. In the past centuries, cowrie has done a lot of good to the economy of Africa, Asia, North American and the world at large, it durability and portability is superb.

Cowrie was arguably the first global Money that shaped Afro-Eurasian societies both individually and collectively, Its Dominance start as early as 1515. The durable and lightweight characteristics of the shells made them an ideal trading currency long before the world adopted coin, paper, pounds, dollars, or any other form of paper/coin currency.

The cowrie shell did not just drop its influence in the world economy but now inspired the name of a multidimensional Blockchain project which is catching the world’s attention, Cowrium. The collection of Cowry or Cowrie could be said to have inspired the process of minting or mining as it was collected by people from the sea for the sole purpose of using it as medium of exchange.

Cowrium with the adoption of most of Cowrie’s potential today in a 21st century dimension is surely set to Moon. The adoption of a Multidimensional system with features like Hyperblock Technology which provides higher performance & scalability by regularly compressing transactions, thus reducing blockchain size and ensuring less RAM/ drive space requirements, or Intelligent Polling system that effectively resolves the Mempool overload issue of traditional blockchains by prioritizing transactions to prevent delays, or its people oriented choice based capacity to leave a transaction either as pseudonymous like Bitcoin and Ethereum or absolute anonymity.

Cowrium is set to prove doubters wrong through Massive worldwide adoption in the year(s) to come and therefore become a household through its’ Mass Adoption Program dubbed Mad-O. Mad-O has already attracted about twenty out of the fifty projects expected to launch for 2022.With this the moon seem to be a beginning point and 1000x is just at the corner.

The project is currently at the presale stage, take advantage of the offer now at

Don’t be an onlooker, join the community.

Cowrium – the First, the Future

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