We often go through life scared to make changes, even changes that will put us in better positions spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. In order to help readers take actions that will help improve their life, even if it is not comfortable to do, Trina L. House, LPC-S has written The Power of Faith: How God Changed My Life and Will Change Yours.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – June 23, 2022 – In The Power of Faith, counselor and holistic mental health advocate Trina House shares the story of her brush with mortality. In this memoir, she illustrates how she finally faced the trauma of abandonment and abuse and gained the strength to push past her fear, shame, and the limits of her past.

“I stayed in the hospital for a month. I now call the day I was released from the hospital my Awakening Birthday. Multiple changes resulted from the experience. My life is now more open after that brush with my mortality. I am no longer in a chrysalis as a caterpillar; I have emerged as a butterfly,” says House.

The topics covered in The Power of Faith, such as lessons from one’s parents, self-esteem, friendship, romantic relationships, children, religion and spirituality, and lifelong learning, empowers readers to keep moving forward despite the difficulties they face. This book serves as a guide that will show readers how to get unstuck and infuse them with the certainty that they, too, can be overcomers and claim victory.

In The Power of Faith, House pulls back the curtains to openly and honestly reveal her trials and tribulations while sprinkling in much of the biblical wisdom and affirmations that helped her overcome.

“I am now fearless to face [fear, shame, and limitation], and I have woken up to my purpose and progress in addressing these things. I share this because I believe my experience can be inspirational for others. Take care of the basics, then work through the trauma and experience resurrection just as I did,” says House.

Trina House, LPC, LPC-S is the CEO and clinical director of The Prevention Center, a thriving counseling and holistic mental wellness practice in the greater Oklahoma City area. House realized a need for a different, more comprehensive approach to therapy, one designed to help people succeed in every area of their lives. She and her team have developed a signature approach to mental wellness that blends clinical and holistic treatments to help clients feel, live, and do better.

Published by Publish Your Gift®, The Power of Faith: How God Changed My Life and Will Change Yours is now available for purchase at

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