Control of Y81 Series Hydraulic Metal Baling Press Baler’s Oil Contamination

Because the metal baling press baler’s hydraulic oil pollution is very complicated, and the hydraulic oil itself is constantly producing oil, so it is very difficult to completely prevent pollution. In order to prolong the service life of hydraulic components, ensure the normal work of hydraulic system and reduce leakage, the feasible way is to control the pollution degree of hydraulic oil within a certain limit, and the following measures are often taken to control pollution in actual use.

1. Use high-performance filters. Filter is an important means to control oil pollution, it can make the hydraulic system in the work of continuous filtering internal and external immersion of pollutants.

2. Prevent contaminants from the outside. In the process of storage, processing and handling, oil must be prevented from being contaminated. Oil must be injected through the filter system. In the design, the upper part of the mailbox is considered to install an air filter or sealed oil tank to prevent dust and metal powder from entering the hydraulic system during operation. At the same time, the end of the hydraulic rod piston rod should be dust-proof sealed and regularly checked and replaced.

3. Control the oil temperature. The oxidation resistance and thermal stability of hydraulic oil determine its working temperature limit, so the hydraulic device must have good heat dissipation conditions to ensure that the hydraulic oil works at the appropriate temperature, so as to prolong the use of hydraulic oil working time.

4. Strictly clean components and systems. Hydraulic components need to be cleaned in each process after processing, and at the same time remove the residual contaminants in the process of processing and assembly. The tank and piping should be cleaned before system assembly and then thoroughly cleaned after system assembly.

5. Keep all parts of the system well sealed. Air intrusion will directly affect the physical and chemical properties of hydraulic oil, once leakage occurs, should be eliminated immediately.

6. Check and replace the hydraulic oil regularly and form a system, and sample and analyze the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system at regular intervals. If it is found that the level of pollutants exceeds the standard, it must be replaced immediately.

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