Continuous Research

The innovative Continuous Research lets you monitor changing trends over an extended period of time.

Step-by-step guide to Continuous Research
  1. Outline your research scope with the form
  2. Click “Request a project proposal”
  3. Our team will contact you shortly
  4. A proposal will be sent for your review
  5. Approve the project proposal
  6. The research starts
  7. You will be billed at the end of each month
How does it work and what will I get?

The system collects as many responses as your daily budget allows, and visualizes trends and insights on an interactive dashboard. You will be able to monitor results daily, comparing trends by date range, monthly weekly or custom time periods.

Is segmenting available for Continuous Research?

The dashboard lets your segment response results by any criteria, monitor feedback trends over time, and follow your ongoing research costs.

Can I control research spend?

Absolutely. You can update the daily research budget on a form linked from your dashboard, which will update your daily spend immediately. Continuous Research is billed monthly, based on your total research spend for every calendar month.

ⓘ To learn about the research process, data quality, order tracking, payment policies, and more, visit the common questions page.