Continuing Employee Shortages in the Food Industry Leaves Tampa Businesses Seeking Solutions

One unexpected result of the worldwide Covid-19 has been an ongoing labor shortage. It’s happening all around the US, but some industries face more challenges than others. The restaurant industry has been particularly hard hit by the lack of workers. As restaurants had to shut down amid the pandemic, many had to let loyal employees go even when they didn’t want to. As businesses begin not only rebounding but thriving, this shortage is putting some business owners to the test. They are seeing their sales increase drastically from previous years. Now, however, they’re struggling to keep their doors open due to a lack of team members to cover the shifts. Businesses are turning to on-demand staffing platform to fill those gaps.

Upshift offer businesses several solutions to the problem. For starters, they can provide applications for full-time or part-time positions that have already gone through a vetting process. Having a resource with employees that have already been through a basic application and vetting process can save lots of time and stress.

Turning to an employment platform for a solution also can mean getting temporary employees for special events. As we ease out of mandates, things like sporting events and concerts begin to resume normally. Filling all the positions it requires to hold these events can be daunting. Foodservice workers have to have met specific criteria to be legally able to work at these events, including things like food handlers permits and preferably some experience. Still, more traditional temp agencies don’t always offer those types of workers. Upshift provides a different model than more traditional temp agencies. Instead, they recruit those candidates who already have experience in an industry and are just looking for more opportunities.

Employees are vetted for essentials and experience, skills, and other qualifying factors that help improve their ability to work in a shift setting. With employment shortages, these can be a solution to keep a restaurant or an event on track. 

“Most businesses today are facing significant if not major staffing shortage problems. When employees found themselves jobless during the pandemic, they started looking for alternatives to those hospitality and service positions, which left a bit of a hole, one that staffing services can fill. Just because some people no longer want to work in the service industry doesn’t mean there aren’t others who are just waiting for the right opportunity.” – Said a spokesperson from on-demand staffing platform Upshift.

Companies looking for more permanent solutions can also use staffing services. The employer gets to set what they’re looking for what they are willing to pay, and then the fee structure is built around that. Full-time employees can become permanent hires for a lot of these companies. Overall, staffing platform solutions offer the foodservice industry hope in their continuing struggle to stay afloat.

About Upshift Tampa

Upshift is an on-demand staffing platform that connects those seeking work with employers. They offer temporary employees for the event industry, food services, hospitality, fulfillment and distribution, and manufacturing and printing. They vet the employees before approving them for shifts. They also offer part-time and full-time staffing services. Businesses can see the profiles and experiences of candidates before selecting employment.

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