Consumers Benefit From Piwi, One of the Most Extensive Power Station Manufacturers

Piwi is the leading manufacturing company in power electronics and EV fast charging stations. Our products assist you in realizing power-efficient Direct Current fast charging systems.

With an increasing range of electric automobiles on the market and government pressure to decrease vehicle emissions to net-zero by 2050, there is a significant demand for good efficient charging options. According to many consumer surveys, the adoption of electromobility is heavily reliant on the accessibility and longevity of the charging process; high-power DC charging points are the solution to these market demands. A standard EV can already charge roughly Eighty % of the battery is much less than ten min. This is analogous to refilling a traditional automobile with an internal combustion engine. 

Consumers benefit from one of the market’s most extensive, fully prepared yet another product and design portfolio, Piwi. Piwi spans the whole product spectrum from power conversion to embedded systems. We are most concerned about our client’s safety. Therefore, we create powerful, environmentally safe products that would not be considered dangerous to people.  

We deliver fast charging EV station, ev fast charging station with supplemental power sources and communication. Piwi Charging DC Station EV provides the consumer with Insulated detection protection because customer safety is our priority. We deliver batteries with a reverse link defence system with shock circuit preservation to ensure the safety of you and your EV vehicle. Our products offer recharging piled over-temperature safety and user access security. Our power EV chargers come with a charge gun or under protection, emergency shutdown protection, leak protection, and Overcharge prevention. 

How fast are EV charging stations?

Direct-current (DC) chargers are used in fast-charging stations. DC fast chargers provide the quickest charging speeds currently available. The type of plug you may use is determined by the kind of electric car (EV) you drive. The owner’s handbook and the manufacturer’s official website should have more information about your vehicle’s capabilities. The charging speeds of CCS or CHAdeMO chargers are different. Our chargers may charge at rates of up to 350kW, whereas other chargers may power at speeds of up to 50kW. Not all EVs can charge at the charger’s maximum power level.  

ev fast-charging station cost:

Piwi EV fast and super-fast charging stations immediately charge an electric car’s battery, lowering charging time and speeding up the energy transition. Our highquality power products costs are reasonable and affordable. Our goods have been shipped to key prospective power markets such as Europe, Japan, America, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. Contributing to the world’s early attainment of carbon neutrality.

The Zhuhai Piwi Energy Technology Company has long been associated with the Research, Development, and manufacture of Ac / Dc chargers for electric vehicles evs in international markets and OCPP protocols docking and abroad platform deployment. Our company’s EV charger technology is distinctive, and it has extensive experience working with international listed corporations, Fortune Global 500 companies, and renewable power vehicle manufacturers. 

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