Competitor Analyzer

Competitor Analyzer

Find out what people think about your competitors, other companies, or any organization.

About Competitor Analyzer

Competitor Analyzer is a market research-based solution to find out what people think about your competitors, or any other company. All you need to do is input up to 3 companies with website URLs, specify the audience where you seek opinions from, set your research budget and start the research.

More information

Competitor Analyzer is a modified version of Brand Auditor. Both are specialized market research-based solution to measure awareness, brand acceptance, brand perceptions and other brand qualities. Both services run on the Market Sampler platform.

Brand Auditor was the first consumer insight-based brand evaluation system to replace traditional brand audits with modern market research technology.

Your research campaign will be collecting responses on over 4 million websites and mobile apps, including top international media outlets.

How to audit your competition with Competitor Analyzer?

  1. Configure your survey
  2. Define your targeting criteria
  3. Set your brand audit budget
  4. Place your order
  5. Track the progress with the tracker tool
  6. Receive your deliverables

ⓘ To learn about the research process, data quality, order tracking, payment policies, and more, visit the common questions page.