Competitive insights

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Benchmark brand awareness

Do you have information about what percentage of your target customers know about your brand, and what do they think about it? Are you familiar with the same for your competitors? If not, then you can get these insights with brand awareness measurement research.

Learn why people choose your competitors

There are various reasons why your potential customers might choose your competitors. Identifying those with market research is easy. With such information, you can develop communication and product strategies that will influence the purchase decision of your market, in your favor.

See who customers compare your company with

Are you sure that you are on the same shelf as the competitors you compare your company with? Your target customers might think differently. This information is an essential part of competitive intelligence, and knowledge enables greater control over your positioning.

Identify what people don’t like about your competitors and use that information to your advantage. Market research enables you to identify weak spots in product, brand, and value perceptions – giving you a chance to respond to untapped market needs.

Common use cases

Market Sampler is used by companies, political groups, associations, and individuals from all walks of life. Discover how other people use our system to collect information from people who matter to them.