Compassionate and Strong: Kemone Hendricks, the Nourishing Power of the World

The award-winning entrepreneur Kemone Hendricks participated as a spiritual artist at the 2021 Virtual Burning Man event

Evanston, Illinois – Servant Leader, Generalist, Critical Thinker and Spiritual Being, Kemone Hendricks is the owner of Evanston Present and Future, Evanston’s Juneteenth Parade, and Mari & Mari Enterprise. She has and is inspiring countless women, she is a role model to all young mothers struggling to live the life of their dreams. She proudly represents the black and immigrant community defying all odds and staying optimistic against all obstacles.

Evanston Present and Future and Mari & Mari Enterprise

After founding Mari & Mari Enterprise and events consulting firm in 2018, Kemone took a step further in 2020 founding Evanston Present and Future. It is an education and scholarship non-profit committed to educate and empower lesser privileged individuals who are unable to exercise their full potential due to financial constraints. Exanston Present and Future believes no child’s progress should hinder because of it. Every child, every human being deserves an equal opportunity to grow. Evanston Present and Future is a Black-led and formed organization devoted to educate, and uplift the Black community members’ needs while also creating a space for white and non-Black community members to support them through anti-racist education and practices.

The project refers to Kemone’s own life journey and her aim through this project is to build a better future and assure the well-being of all people, particularly those who are members of minorities or face prejudice or discrimination.

Celebrations Reimagined Planning Subscription

Kemone has always been passionate about organizing events. She felt events act as a binding agent to form a community into a cohesive whole. To put her ignited passions on the map, Kemone founded Celebrations Reimagined Planning Subscription to cater planning of successful inspiring events and put it into a neatly organized subscription plan with worksheets, checklists, and professional templates for people to work through at whatever pace suits them best. She has over a decade of planning and executing successful & inspiring events for my community. Celebrations Reimagined Planning Subscription plans evente the right way without running the risk of spending thousands of dollars on a full-service event planner.

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Annual Juneteenth Parade and Celebrations

Under the banner of Celebrations Reimagined Planning Subscription, Kemone organized the second Annual Juneteenth Parade and Celebrations in 2021 the first of which was virtual due to the pandemic. There were 3,000 parade participants and sponsors and the event gathered national attention. Keeping up with the successful execution of the parade, July 4th 2021 witnessed another successful and inspiring event called “Juneteenth 4th” and hosted the grandmother of Juneteenth, Ms. Opal Lee. Kemone joined Joe Biden at the White House to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. She is indeed a clear winner of choice as the keynote speaker for any parade celebration or event.

Juneteenth Celebrations in the Metaverse

Kemone Hendricks is embracing the reality of decentralized finance and the virtual world. Adhering to the proliferation of NFT projects. As the blockchain technology is creating a new creative economy, allowing creators to monetise their online expressions in novel ways and interact more directly with their audience. Kemone Hendricks is working with local artists to create a special Juneteenth NFT after a successful Juneteenth celebration in the digital world. The metaverse was ensured that it is inclusive, diverse, and empowering. It exemplified a metaverse where people of all backgrounds can prosper without being condemned, unlike in the real world.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Today Kemone Hendricks is one of the great inspirational examples that are given addressing the fast-paced progress of women in the 21st century. It is often reflected upon while providing significant evidence of equality. However, in retrospect, there is a story of hard work, struggle and sheer resilience.

Kemone Hendricks spent most of her childhood proving people incorrect and beating the odds. She became an inspiration to women all over the world as an immigrant who never felt like she fit in, overcame an abusive relationship, and had a kid at the age of 16. It was her willpower as a caring mother who was determined to progress and provide for her child. In the process she didn’t let her individuality be compromised, negating the usual of which is expected of mothers. Career or Family? Women shouldn’t be put in a situation to choose is what Kemone through her journey told the world.

Today, she is a mother, a generalist, a creator, a critical thinker, a non-profit leader, a community organizer, the owner of a digital marketing and events company, a social justice activist, a social entrepreneur, and a spiritual being.

Becoming “The Kemone Hendricks”

Kemone was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Her and her immediate family migrated to Evanston Illinois when she was five years old. Kemone worked for a multinational firm for 8 years before dedicating her work full time to Evanston Present and Future. There was no stopping then. She has been recognised as a non-profit leader in Evanston who goes above and beyond to make Evanston a better place to live, work, and play in local and national publications, as well as being recognised as a non-profit leader in Evanston who goes above and beyond. She persevered as a teen parent, following her intuition and leaving her corporate job to pursue her hobbies, which included her own marketing agency, talent agency, social justice and jewelry line.

Kemone Hendricks in an interview shared: “The pandemic was a challenging period, it is not over yet but I am happy to led the way in my community at the start of the pandemic by organizing lucrative socially distant pop-up shops outdoors for businesses, executing high attendance paid online events and monetizing through export of goods and services and the right partnerships. I am content to have helped many businesses which were then able to stay afloat and continue to duplicate our strategic pandemic plan to this day. Limitless is my motto for 2022 and the coming decades. We are stepping into an era where everyone’s “Inner guru” will be shining oh so brightly.”

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