On July 4, 2022 our company held a Mid-year staff meeting in the big meeting room. The purpose of the conference is to enhance the internal cohesion of employees. Also enhance the competitiveness of the company. Meanwhile to inspire the enthusiasm for teamwork. Let every staff to understand the business going on and how to perform well in later. 

We summarize the market work in the first half of 2022 and analyze the company development trend in the coming next half year. We clarify the direction and goals of work in the second half of the year.

In the overall agenda, we commended the company best employees with outstanding performance. Also punish the bad performance staff too. We emphasis the role of motivation, the subjective initiative of all employees. During the meeting Domestic Trade & Foreign Trade department shared successful cases (Gained big orders) and the details of the actual operation. Generally speaking, the performance of first half is quite satisfactory. We completed quite well.

The sharing topics are as follows: 1. Write a development letter from scratch to develop customers; 2. After missing an order, don’t give up and and finally get the order; 3. Efficient development of customers; 4. Perseverance- Hold on 2 years to follow up to win customers; 5. Grasp high-end customers, step by step, so that customers accept high-priced orders; 6. Negotiate the order after obtaining the customer’s procurement demand information from the Internet; 7. Successfully accept the order with the quotation strategy of retreating; 8. Small companies quickly become suppliers of centuries-old German enterprises; 9. Reverse development of the target market and multiple follow-up and successfully gained order. 10.Change from customer inquiry in B2B website to order. 11. Analyse customer value carefully, gained the order finally. 12. First get, then lost, then gained again the customer. 

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