Common Questions

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Common questions

You must have lots of questions before trying Market Sampler. On this page you will find detailed answers for common questions.

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Where is our data from?

Data is collected from surveys distributed across the internet, targeting people based on your specifications. As your respondents answer, we record and save every detail associated with each response.

β“˜ We use Google BigQuery to store and process data, the same platform used by Spotify, Qualcomm or Best Buy.

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How data quality is ensured?

Various mechanisms ensure high-quality data, which include spam and bot detection algorithms, optional screening questions, open-end validation, and manual cross-checks. More about data quality here.

β“˜ Our “bad response rate” is below 5% which is significantly lower compared to the 20% industry average.

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Where do surveys appear?

Surveys are distributed on various audience networks, such as Google’s GDN, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. Surveys appear on news websites, YouTube, blogs, mobile apps, social media, and more.

β“˜ There are over 4 million websites and apps where your survey can appear, including top news and media portals. Custom research clients can request targeted survey placements on specific websites.

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How do you collect non-incentivized responses?

Surveys are targeted to people who are interested in your research topic. This is why they participate. Our programmatic survey delivery system finds engaged respondents for your questions.

β“˜ Tests proved that incentivized survey response data has 190% higher risk of inaccuracy compared to organic response data.

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What is the process?

You can use the self-service Instant Research feature to launch a survey campaign in minutes, or request a proposal with the Custom Research option. Place your order, then we will manually review and launch the research.

β“˜ Your data and optional reports are going to be delivered in an email within the calculated timeframe.

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How to create a good survey?

Use clear, descriptive, and unbiased language for questions and answers. Decide what type of answers to collect: textual, numeric, or scale rating. Add a screening question to filter out unqualified responses.

β“˜ If you need assistance in planning your research, you can always contact us for advice and pre-sale support.

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Research cost and duration

In case of self-service Instant Research projects, time and cost are displayed on your form, calculated based on your configuration. If you request a quote, your proposal will include the expected time and cost of your research.

β“˜ You never pay or wait more than the estimates. In most cases, Market Sampler delivers reports faster than expected.

Should you get an interactive dashboard?

Interactive visual dashboards let you segment and analyze your data in any combination. It is a huge time saver to understand insights out of the box. If you are familiar with data visualization, you will not need one.

β“˜ Should you need a dashboard for past research, you can order one by contacting our support team.

How to track research status?

Use our order tracker tool to check the status of your research. All you need to do is enter your order number and email, then our system will show the current stage of the project.

β“˜ Statuses include “in review”, “setup in progress”, “data collection”, “data quality control” and “delivered”. In case of issues, we will contact you straight away.

Can I see sample reports and surveys?

Of course. Go to our survey and report samples page, where you can try a few surveys, play around with two different interactive dashboards, and even download a data sample.

Can I cancel or get a refund?

Yes, in case we fail to deliver the purchased deliverables in the pre-calculated timeframe. Cancellations are possible with a partial refund. For more information, please refer to our payment policies page.

Need help to plan your market research?

Let’s discuss your market research goals.