Combining Fantasy and History With Mental Illness Advocacy Gets “Finding Emmaus” Best TV Pilot Screenplay Award

International awards and recognition from film festivals for the TV pilot screenplay
Thought-provoking yet exhilarating—highly-gifted Empaths so grievously misunderstood that society discards them and treats them as damaged goods.

The psychiatric community has confused Empathic personality traits with mental illness with tragic results. This unsettling historical fantasy/thriller takes the reader on a harrowing 350-year fictional yet factual journey through the history of treatment for the mentally ill, eventually exposing a multi-billion dollar conspiracy in which millions of people are being drugged for no other reason than the enormous income they generate.

This is the foundation of author/screenwriter Pamela S. K. Glasner’s novel, “Finding Emmaus,” which she is delighted to announce is now one step closer to becoming a made-for-TV series.

“On Saturday, April 15th,” Glasner said, “at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, I had the profound honor of accepting the award for Best Short/TV Pilot Screenplay. It’s quite an amazing feeling to have people who are completely objective consider my work to be deserving of such an award! My sincerest thanks to Skip Shea, the festival director, and all those who voted for my project. I am deeply moved and grateful.”

“Finding Emmaus” is simultaneously experienced through the lives of two Empaths: Frank Nettleton in the 17th century and Katherine Spencer in the 21st. These two otherwise-ordinary people find a way to transcend time and death in order to meet each other, then risk everything to save millions of others who’ve been ostracized from society and victimized because they are mistakenly labeled mentally ill.

“The only thing worse than having an incomprehensible, incurable illness is having an incomprehensible, incurable illness in isolation.” ~ Francis Nettleton, 1739 ~

It is an intricate, suspenseful tale about human frailties and courage, love and sacrifice, obsession and the abuse of power, and the indisputable human right of free will. This intriguing cast of characters will keep you guessing as to what they will do and what choices they will make as they weave in and out of the story and each others’ lives.

Pamela S. K. Glasner invites you to visit the website and Facebook page and take the journey along with her from concept to novel to screenplay and eventually to a made-for-TV mini-series.

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